snap straps towing

snap straps towing

Introduction No matter how reliable and efficient you think your vehicle is, there might come a time when it eaks down in the middle of nowhere, or there is a delay in the delivery of fuel to your car. To solve such situations, strap towing is an efficient and widely accepted method of towing vehicles. Straps towing is a towing service that utilises straps to tow vehicles to safety. It can tow a wide range of vehicles and is quite affordable. In this article, we shall discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of strap towing.

What is Strap Towing? Straps towing (also known as soft towing, flatbed towing, or strap-on towing) consists of towing a vehicle using straps (also known as tow ropes) attached to a tow truck or car. The straps are typically connected to a tow-bar at the front of the vehicle and secured by a metal eye belt.

The process is largely based on the concept of friction or resistance, whereby the straps are pulled, causing the vehicle to be pulled forward. Straps towing is one of the safest forms of towing, as it can tow vehicles safely on even surfaces. It is also one of the most affordable, since no specialised tools or towing equipment is required.

Benefits of Strap Towing There are various benefits of strap towing over traditional towing methods:

1. Affordable: As mentioned, this form of towing does not require the use of specialised equipment and is therefore quite affordable. The cost is lower than traditional forms of towing, such as winching and chain towing.

2. Easy to Set Up: Straps towing is extremely easy to set up. All that is required is a tow-bar and an eye belt. These can easily be attached to the front of the vehicle using a couple of nuts and bolts.

3. Safe: This form of towing is much safer than traditional methods like winching or chain towing. It is easier to control the vehicle's speed and direction without damaging anything.

4. Versatile: Straps towing can tow a wide range of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, light trucks, vans etc.

5. Quicker: Straps towing does not require any specialised tools or assistance and can be done quite quickly.

Disadvantages of Strap Towing

Despite its advantages, there are a few drawbacks to strap towing:

1. Weight Limitations: Straps towing has its own weight limitations, and is not suitable for heavy vehicles. The straps used for this type of towing can only handle so much weight, and so it is not suitable for larger vehicles.

2. Tight Spaces: If the vehicle needs to be towed in an area with tight spaces, like between buildings or along narrow roads, strap towing can be difficult. The straps can easily get tangled, causing a delay in the towing process.

3. Damage Risk: If the towing straps are not properly attached, or if they are pulled too fast, they can cause damage to the vehicle’s body or paintwork.


In conclusion, strap towing is an effective and affordable way to tow vehicles in certain circumstances. However, it should only be used when the vehicle’s weight and the towing environment permits it. It is important to take into consideration the drawbacks of strap towing before choosing it as a towing method. It is also crucial to ensure that the straps are properly attached to avoid any damages to the vehicle.

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