short tow straps

short tow straps

Tow straps are an essential piece of equipment for any vehicle recovery and towing service. Tow straps are designed to provide extra strength and stability during accidents or other difficult scenarios. Made from heavy-duty polyester or nylon webbing, tow straps feature incredibly strong metal hooks or loops on each end and are ideal for pulling cars, trucks, ATVs, and more out of ditches, mud, or other hazardous conditions.

Tow straps are widely used for roadside help, farm equipment assistance, and even off-roading. Features like rot- and weather-resistant materials, tensile strength, and eaking strength all make tow straps the perfect tool for hauling or towing one vehicle behind another. Knowing the right size and strength ratings of a tow strap is essential for any towing job—especially during times of emergency. Common ratings range from 3,000 to 12,000 lbs and the size of the loops is often dependent on common winch hooks found in most vehicles.

When using a tow strap, there are some basic safety guidelines that should be followed. Most important is to keep the strap taut while it’s in use. A drooping tow strap doesn’t provide the same level of stability as a tight strap and can easily become tangled or further snag under the vehicle. Also, tow straps that become snagged or tied in knots should be discarded. If a strap does become strained, it’s always a good idea to replace it before any further towing.

At the same time, it’s important to ensure that the tow hooks and loops used in the strap are compatible with the vehicle’s receiver hitch. Typically, tow straps should last anywhere from six to 12 months—or less if it’s used for rigorous outdoor activities. Besides regular inspection of the tow strap for tears, aasions, and other damages, it should be regularly washed to keep it operating optimally. By investing in quality tow straps and taking proper care of them, you’ll have a reliable tool that will help you get out of sticky situations with your towing service.

When using a tow strap, it’s also important to remember that tow straps can easily snap because of the pressure they’re built to hold. For this reason, they should be used with caution and are best operated by someone with experience in using a tow strap. If you’re in doubt, it’s important to consult a certified person or towing service to help you with the job. The type of situation you’re faced with, the weight of the car, and the exact length of the tow straps are all parameters you should consider when deciding how to safely tow a vehicle.

It’s vitally important to make sure that tow straps are stored properly and in an easily accessible location. If not stored correctly, tow straps can become damaged or tangled, making them unusable. Furthermore, making sure that the straps are stored away from chemicals, salt, and other corrosive substances is also important.

It’s important to make sure the tow strap is regularly inspected and the hooks remain taut. Not doing so can cut your straps’ lifespan in half, so make sure they are taken care of and regularly replaced if they become weak or damaged. A properly maintained tow strap can save you time, money and, most importantly, safety.

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