self retracting tow strap

self retracting tow strap

Retracting Tow Straps: The Perfect Tool for Traffic Accidents and Automotive Emergencies

When it comes to emergencies on the roadway, having reliable and effective tools to assist with recovery and resolution can be the difference between a successful conclusion and a dangerous situation. This is why retractable tow straps are a must-have for anyone who deals with emergency situations on the highways and byways. With their safety-seeking designs, retracting tow straps provide an efficient and effective way for drivers to provide assistance and extract vehicles from harm’s way.

A retractable tow strap can be a life-saver in a traffic accident or other highway emergency. These straps are typically made of tough materials like nylon webbing or hot-dipped galvanized aircraft grade steel cables, and they feature a ratchet-style mechanism to provide tension and secure the strap to both the anchor and the vehicle. This ratchet-style of operation allows the strap to reduce any slack and quickly be tight when the nut is tightened to the preferred tension needed.

These straps often have a weight rating of at least 5,000 pounds and sometimes as high as 15,000 pounds, so they are well-suited to handle small cars, SUVs, pick-up trucks, large recreational vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles. With the proper tools and anchoring system, these straps can also safely and securely recover larger vehicles from unstable locations.

The best part about retractable tow straps is that they typically come with hooks, buckles and ratchets already attached, taking the guesswork out of connecting the strap to the anchor and vehicle. Furthermore, since the ratchet function allows for quick, controlled release, no additional tools are needed to safely disconnect the tow strap from the vehicle.

While the most common use for a retracting tow strap is to help recover vehicles from ditches, potholes, sinkholes and other dangerous situations, these straps can also be used to move immobile vehicles or to reposition them without damaging the paint job. This makes these straps ideal for any situation that requires two-way traction.

When it comes to choosing a retractable tow strap, there are several factors to consider. The most important is that the strap must be rated to handle the weight of the vehicle being towed or recovered. Additionally, choosing a ratcheting tow strap with a “tapered tip” rather than a simple “hook-and-loop” connection ensures the perfect fit and maximum safety. Additionally, the straps should be capable of resisting weather and rust changes, making them a trusted and useful tool for emergencies year-round.

Retractable tow straps provide the perfect tool for any motorist facing an emergency situation on the road. With their reliable ratchet-style tensioning and heavy-duty construction, these straps are designed to provide secure and safe recovery of vehicles without putting yourself or others at risk.

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