rope tow strap

rope tow strap


Tow straps are an important safety accessory to have on hand when off-roading or just driving in general. A towing strap is used to pull a vehicle out of a ditch or mud pit, or to help another vehicle that has become stuck. It is especially helpful if you plan to go off-roading or are in the habit of exploring the back roads.

Towing straps come in various sizes, lengths and strengths. The two most common lengths are 10ft and 20ft. One of the most popular and durable tow straps is made from polyester rope. This rope is strong enough to be pulled by a large truck and can pull up to 16,000 pounds. This rope is also convenient and easy to store in most vehicles, compared to a steel tow chain.

When selecting a tow strap for your vehicle, there are a few factors to consider. First, you will need to determine the length of the strap and the weight it can bear. Second, consider the type of material used to make the strap and the width. Depending on the severity of the terrain and your driving habits, a more durable material such as polyester rope may be required. Finally, consider the type of tow hooks that your vehicles have. If you are towing with a bumper, make sure the clamps fit securely so that there is no damage to the vehicle or a possibility of the strap slipping off while towing.

Prior to attempting to tow a vehicle, it is important to ensure that the tow strap is properly secured to both vehicles and appropriate safety procedures are followed. Before connecting the tow strap between the two vehicles, inspect visually and feel the strap to ensure that it is free of defects. It is recommended to wear protective gloves to protect your hands and inspect the tow hooks to ensure that they are secured properly, as any damage to them could lead to an accident. It is also recommended to stand on the side of the tow strap that is furthest away from the vehicle being pulled, as this will help keep you safe if the strap snaps. During towing, it is important to keep the speed of the towing vehicle constant and avoid jerking or sudden stops.

Tow straps can be a highly useful tool when traveling, especially when you are exploring rugged terrain. To ensure that you and your vehicle are always safe, it is important to select the right tow strap for your needs, inspect it before every trip, and follow the proper safety procedures to ensure a successful and safe tow.

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