rhino tow strap

rhino tow strap


The Rhino tow strap is an indispensable piece of rescue gear that every driver should keep in their car. A tow strap is a tool used to rescue cars or trucks that are stuck, damaged, or in danger of being stuck in mud, sand, ice, or snow.Tow straps provide the vital link between two vehicles and allow each to tow the other out of a difficult situation.

The Rhino tow strap is made of strong, durable nylon and is designed for maximum strength and flexibility. It features a generous length of 31 feet (9.4 meters) and a eaking strength of 30,000 pounds (~13,600 kilograms). The strap is adjustable and comes in three widths—2' (606mm) for large-truck towing; 1' (304mm) for most vehicle towing; and 3/4' (228mm) for smaller cars and 4x4s. The strap also includes padding on the handle and reinforced stitching to prevent fraying.

The Rhino tow strap is the perfect choice for anyone looking to safely tow their car or truck out of a jam. Its generous length is suitable for a wide range of scenarios, while its high eaking strength can handle the force of large trucks being towed. Furthermore, its adjustable width and protective padding ensure that the strap will be comfortable and secure when towing.

How to Use a Rhino Tow Strap

When using a tow strap, always make sure that both vehicles are securely anchored. To anchor the vehicles, use both a bumper or a frame hook and a complementary anchor point. These anchor points can be the frame, bumper, or hitch of a vehicle, or a tow hook, rope, or chain from the ground. Once these points have been securely attached, be sure to double check their fastening and make any necessary adjustments.

When attaching the tow strap, attach it to the vehicle with the frame hook first. Once the frame hook is secured, attach the complementary anchor point. Once the anchor points have been fastened, check them again and make adjustments if needed.

Before towing, be sure to inspect the tow strap for any signs of wear, tear, or damage. If any damage is observed, replace the strap before towing.

Once the tow strap has been securely attached to both vehicles, be sure to inform the tow driver of the instructions for driving. The tow driver should drive slowly and carefully, taking care to avoid jerky movements and sudden stops. Be sure to inform the tow driver of any contact the towed vehicle may have with the ground, as this could cause damage to the vehicle if not done correctly.


The Rhino tow strap is an essential piece of equipment used to tow vehicles that have become stuck, damaged, or in danger of becoming stuck in unfavorable conditions. Its generous length and high eaking strength make it suitable for a wide range of towing scenarios, while its adjustable width and protective padding ensure that the tow strap is comfortable and secure when towing. When using a tow strap, be sure to securely attach it to both the towing and towed vehicles, check it for any signs of wear or damage, and give clear instructions to the tow driver on how to drive. Follow these steps and towing can be done safely and successfully.

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