rhino tow strap reviews

rhino tow strap reviews

Rhino Tow Straps: Reviews

A tow strap is one of the most important pieces of equipment you could ing along on an adventure. Whether you’re off-roading or out on the open road, a tow strap can help you pull out of a tough spot or help a friend when they need it. Rhino tow straps have become popular for their reliable construction and performance. In this article, we’ll take a look at what you need to know about Rhino tow straps.

Construction and Design

Rhino tow straps are typically constructed from polyester webbing, which is designed to be strong yet flexible. This makes them ideal for towing, as the flexibility of the webbing helps absorb the shock that’s caused by changes in the terrain and during towing. The load-bearing capacity of the tow strap is usually rated at between 9,000 and 14,000 pound capacity depending on its size. This means that it should be capable of towing most vehicles, as long as its weight is below the recommended limits. The Rhino tow strap also has reinforced loop ends, which helps protect the straps from any sudden jerks.


When using Rhino tow straps, it’s important to remain aware of the safety guidelines and limitations. Make sure that the tow strap isn’t ever twisted, as that can reduce the strap’s towing capacity. It’s also important to note that the straps should never be used to tow any vehicle above its weight rating or any faster than 30mph. Additionally, the tow straps should be inspected for any signs of damage or wear before each use.

Ease of Use

Rhino tow straps are designed to be used with as little effort as possible. They come with double-ended hooks, which makes them easier to attach to each vehicle. Additionally, the strap can be looped around the tongue of either vehicle to make a secure connection. The loops on the ends of the tow straps can be used for attaching safety accessories like chains or ropes for added security. It’s also important to remember that Rhino tow straps should only be used with a separate tow bar to ensure maximum safety.


Rhino tow straps come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 8-feet to 16-feet in length. Prices also vary depending on the size and quality of the strap. An 8-foot Rhino tow strap can be found for around $20, while a 16-foot strap can cost around $50.


Rhino tow straps are an excellent choice for any driver looking for reliable, durable towing power. The straps are well made and offer good value for the money. The double-ended hooks and reinforced loops make attaching the straps to the vehicle easy, and the straps can withstand loads up to 14,000-pounds. The only downside is that the towing speed of 30mph is lower than some other models, but this isn’t usually a concern for most drivers. Whether you’re off-roading or on the open road, Rhino tow straps can help get you out of a sticky situation or lend a helping hand to a friend.

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