rhino tow strap kit

rhino tow strap kit

Towing is an essential part of driving, one that should not be taken lightly. Whether it’s a long haul over the hills, a late night stuck on the road, or just a quick trip to the store, having a high-quality tow strap kit is an essential for any driver. A Rhino Tow Strap Kit is a comprehensive solution that has everything you need for any situation.

A Rhino Tow Strap Kit allows you to get the job done quickly and painlessly, with a set of solid, reliable tools. The kit includes a 20 ft. tow strap, ratchet grab hook and hooks, a clevis hook, a D-ring shackle and a tow hook, all securely packed in a durable case for easy storage. The 20 ft. tow strap has a 10,400 lbs eaking strength, so you know it will support whatever load is thrown at it.

Meanwhile, the ratchet hook and hook lets you easily tie down large and awkward cargo, while the clevis hook is especially helpful in quick towing jobs. The sturdy D-ring shackle makes hooking up an additional strap secure and easy, while the tow hook makes sure you never get stuck in a sticky situation.

Rhino tow strap kits are made of quality materials that are tested to ensure they can stand up to harsh conditions. This makes them great for any environment, from back roads to roads in the snow. In addition, the kit is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

Not all tow strap kits are created equal, but if you’re looking for a quality and reliable kit, then the Rhino Tow Strap Kit is the perfect choice. Whether you’re towing a boat, a trailer, or anything else, having this comprehensive kit by your side will make sure you’re able to get out of any jam. If you’re serious about towing, you won’t find a kit better than this one.

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