rally tow strap

rally tow strap

Tow straps are an essential piece of safety equipment for any automotive enthusiast. Whether you’re taking your car off-roading or dirt drifting, a tow strap is an absolute necessity.

At their most basic, tow straps are composed of a single piece of webbing attached to a metal fitting at either end. The webbing, usually nylon or polyester, is rated for a specific weight capacity, so make sure you match your strap design to the weight of the car being towed. The metal fittings are most often metal rings, rings with hooks, or loops. Some designs are also equipped with ratchet straps for additional security.

Instructions for Proper Use

Tow straps should be used in conjunction with other safety equipment such as a towing hitch. It is important to ensure that all items are properly rated for the weight capacity of the vehicle and tow strap. Place the tow strap between both vehicles, with more slack at the towing end than at the towed vehicle. Make sure that the faic of the tow strap is clear of any sharp edges, as these can cause damage to the webbing over time.

It is always important to ensure that the tow strap is secured properly on both vehicles before attempting any towing maneuvers. On the towing unit, it is usually best to attach the metal fitting of the tow strap to the hitch ball or tow bar. For the towed vehicle, attach the fitting to a solid frame or frame mount on the bumper. It is important to keep a wide gap between the two vehicles when towing, as the momentum of the towing car may otherwise damage the vehicle in tow.

Ensure that the driver of the towing car stays in control of the vehicle at all times, and avoid sudden aking or acceleration as this could snap the tow strap or cause an accident. Do not tow cars at any speed beyond what is safe, as the increased speed may cause excessive tension in the tow strap which could damage or eak it. Additionally, do not wrap the tow strap around the vehicle, as this can cause the webbing to lose tension while the vehicles are in motion.

When it comes time to take the tow strap off, make sure to release the tension by slowly increasing the slack in the tow strap. Do not drag the strap on the road, as this can cause the webbing to become aaded and weakened over time. Additionally, inspect the tow strap and fittings for any signs of wear and tear before and after each tow. As with all pieces of safety equipment, replace your tow strap if it shows any signs of wear or damage.

Tow straps are an essential safety item for any vehicle, providing the user with the confidence of a secure towing experience. By following the proper towing procedures and keeping an eye on the quality of the tow strap, you can minimize the risks associated with towing and enjoy an enjoyable, safe experience.

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