raider tow strap

raider tow strap


The ever-trusty tow strap is a vehicle owner's best friend. It can help you tow another vehicle, fix trailers or haul heavier items than your vehicle can handle, and can even get you out of a sticky situation if your ride is stuck in the mud or snow. In this article, we take a look at tow straps specifically designed for four-wheel driving, and how they can help get you back up and running in, preventing costly repairs and costly towing bills.

A little about tow straps

Tow straps are typically made of woven synthetic material known as Nylon, and are the perfect solution for anyone wanting to secure a load or a tow. They come in a variety of lengths and weight capacities, although 10’ and 20' straps are considered to be the most common and sufficient for most applications. The most common uses for towing straps include towing another vehicle, tying down loads, and chaining off trailers. They are also ideal for attaching to off-road recovery devices such as winch lines or snatch straps to pull a stuck Jeep or truck out of the mud.

The Benefits of Off-Road Tow Straps

Off-road tow straps are specifically designed for the 4x4 enthusiast and are a much better choice than conventional tow straps when it comes to off-road recoveries. Not only are they typically longer, usually measuring up to 30’ in length, but they are also much more heavy-duty and are designed to handle strong jerks and impacts that come with off-road recoveries. They also have external loops, built-in handles and an internal storage pouch so you can store it away when you're done.

Also, off-road tow straps are made of stronger materials, such as high-strength Nylon, and are heat-treated to prevent melting when used with a high-powered winch. This makes them much more suitable for off-road applications and can give you greater peace of mind when using them.

How to Use an Off-Road Tow Strap

1. Check the condition of the strap

Before using your tow strap, be sure to check the condition of the strap itself and the ends. Make sure there are no rips, tears, or frayed areas, as this could cause the strap to eak and put people's safety at risk.

2. Secure the strap

Next, secure the strap. Be sure to wrap it around the tow hooks on both vehicles, and then attach the hooks to the D-rings on both ends of the strap. Be sure to double-check them to make sure they are properly attached.

3. Pull slowly and steadily

Once the strap is secured, start the vehicle and pull slowly and steadily. Pay attention to the tow strap and be sure that there is no slippage or slack in the line; if there is, stop immediately and re-secure the strap.


The tow strap is an incredibly useful tool for off-road adventures and pulling out a vehicle that becomes stuck in mud or snow. With the right off-road tow strap, you'll be sure to get your vehicle out of the mess. Just remember to check the strap and secure it properly before you start pulling, and to pull slowly and steadily. With this handy tool in your four-wheel-driving arsenal, you'll be pushing limits and having adventures in no time!

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