princess auto tow strap

princess auto tow strap


Tow Strap: An Essential Piece of Automotive Safety

In the age of electronic gadgetry and self-driving cars, it’s easy to overlook the importance of basic automotive safety items. But perhaps no item is more critical – and oft-forgotten – than the tow strap. Used for recovering a vehicle from mud, rocks and other off-road obstacles, a tow strap is an essential tool for both weekend adventurers and competitive motorsport buffs.

At its most basic, a tow strap is a loop of heavy-duty webbing (usually polyester or nylon) with metal rings or hooks at either end. Most are fitted with steel reinforcement pieces to increase their pull strength. This kind of strap is designed to transfer the weight of a vehicle over a long distance – allowing one car to pull another out of hazardous terrain.

Given the strength needed, it’s essential to purchase a tow strap that’s sized and rated accordingly. Look for one that’s at least 19mm (3/4 in.) wide, with a load rating of at least 3,500 kg (7,700 lb.). A good rule of thumb is to purchase one that’s rated for about three times the weight of the vehicle it’s being used for.

In addition to tow straps, a good recovery kit should include two pairs of heavy-duty gloves, some kind of choker chain and a pair of shackles with a secure pin. It’s also a good idea to pack a hook and snatch block that’s rated for twice the load of the recovery strap, along with some rubberized webbing straps for lashing items securely.

So when you’re headed out on the trails, don’t forget your tow strap. It may not be the ightest or most glamorous item in your glove compartment, but it could be the most useful if you find yourself in a pinch. With a good tow strap, you can be sure you’re always prepared for any adventure – no matter how challenging.

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