porsche tow strap

porsche tow strap

The Porsche Tow Strap – What is it and Why Should You Have it in Your Toolkit?

If you own a Porsche, then you know that it is an icon. For many, it's a way of life, and in that case, you also need to understand that it requires a special kind of maintenance and care. The Porsche tow strap is an important piece of auto maintenance equipment that no owner should be without.

What is a Porsche Tow Strap?

Essentially, a Porsche tow strap is a length of towing webbing material that is specifically designed to attach one vehicle to another in order for it to be towed. The tow strap is wrapped around the bumper or other parts of the vehicle, typically the tow hook, and tightly secured with a series of knots.

The strong material of the tow strap provides a large enough surface area and a secure connection for large vehicles, such as a Porsche, to be towed effectively and safely. It is designed to fit perfectly in the Porsche towing kit, allowing owners to secure any tow they may need made.

Why is it Critical to Have a Porsche Tow Strap?

A Porsche tow strap is important for a variety of reasons. One, unlike regular tow ropes, which can snap or eak under the strain, it is designed to withstand not only the weight of the vehicle being towed but also the torque created while maneuvering.

In addition to its strength, the Porsche tow strap is lightweight, making it much easier to store in the trunk of your vehicle or in the front storage area for easy access during a tow. Its exceptionally low-stretch design protects its strength over long towing distances, as well.

The Porsche tow strap makes for a much easier tow than a regular tow rope. It is also not prone to excess slippage when tight and is capable of taking much more torque than a rope alone. This is especially beneficial when trying to get the vehicle off a gravel path or steep decline.

Finally, when properly secured and maintained, the Porsche tow strap will last much longer than a standard rope. The tight weave of the webbing ensures that the tow strap never wears out as quickly or as easily as a rope. This can save you time and money in the long run.

Care and Maintenance

Like all pieces of auto maintenance equipment, the Porsche tow strap should be properly cared for. While the material of the tow strap is designed to be resistant to wear, tear, and the elements, you should still practice proper care and maintenance to ensure maximum life and durability.

When after a tow has been completed, the tow strap should be unwrapped from the tow hook and returned to the storage case provided in the Porsche towing kit. It should then be left to air dry completely before being stored until needed again.

It is also a good idea to inspect the tow strap on a regular basis to ensure that it is in good condition and free of any kinks, knots, or frayed areas. If the strap is found to be compromised in any way, it should be immediately replaced.

Finally, be sure to only use the strap for the purpose for which it was designed. It is not suitable for other towing tasks or uses that could cause significant strain on the material.


For Porsche owners, the Porsche tow strap is an invaluable tool that not only makes towing easier but ensures that the safest possible connection is made between vehicles. It is designed to stand up to the weight, torque, and abuse that can come with towing and is essential for any Porsche owner to have in their toolkit.

In order to ensure its longevity and maximum use, the tow strap should be properly cared for and maintained. Only then can the safety and convenience of the tow strap be realized.

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