orange tow strap

orange tow strap


A tow strap is a simple towing device which is used to securely attach a vehicle to another car, trailer or other towable object. It is often made from a long strap of orange nylon webbing, which is designed to safely handle high tension loads while also allowing the flexibility needed to easily wrap around objects. Tow straps are an extremely useful tool that can make a variety of towing tasks easier, such as towing a disabled vehicle, moving a trailer, or removing a tree stump that has become stuck in the ground.


There are a variety of different types of tow straps available on the market which are designed to cater for different needs. The most common type is the flat or diamond-weave strap, which is often made from polyester webbing with an extra layer of reinforcement in order to increase its strength and reduce stretch. These straps usually come in two different widths – between two to three inches and between four to six inches – depending on the size of the load they need to carry. Other types of tow straps can also be acquired, such as round tow straps which are designed to reduce friction and increase the longevity of the strap; as well as reinforced loop straps which are designed to allow a secure connection to a chain or shackle.


Tow straps come with a variety of features which make them exceptionally useful for a variety of applications. Firstly, a good tow strap should be made from a strong yet pliable material which can handle heavy stretching for a sustained period of time. Polyester and nylon webbing straps are the most commonly used materials for this purpose. Strap width is also important, as this will determine the pulling capacity of the strap. Most tow straps are between two and six inches wide, with the heavier-duty straps being thicker for added strength.

When using a tow strap, it is also wise to look for straps which have extra features such as reinforced loops or adjustable straps which can be adjusted to fit the object being towed without having to pass the strap through the tow vehicle’s bumpers or other vulnerable areas. Additionally, it is important to look for straps with ass, zinc or steel-plated clips and buckles which will add extra strength and durability to the strap so that it can handle towing applications safely.


Tow straps are an invaluable tool for any vehicle owner and are a must-have for anyone who needs to tow a vehicle, furniture, or any other easily movable object. These straps are usually made from strong nylon or polyester webbing and are designed to securely tow heavy loads while also allowing enough flexibility to wrap around even difficult objects. Different types of tow straps also come with features such as reinforced clips, adjustable straps, and flat or diamond-weave designs, all of which can help to make towing easier and safer.

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