off road tow strap

off road tow strap


The humble tow strap is a powerful and versatile tool, often overlooked and underappreciated. It can come to the rescue in more ways than one, helping to get you out of a sticky situation with ease. Here, we take a look at the indispensable off-road tow strap and why it should be an essential part of your off-roading kit.

First, a few basics. A tow strap is typically made from a type of synthetic webbing which is strong, durable, and flexible. It usually comes with two metal hooks at each end, allowing it to be quickly connected to two vehicles, allowing them to pull each other out of difficult situations. Despite its simple design, a tow strap can be incredibly effective on the difficult terrain of an off-road route.

When tackling an off-roading route, it's important to plan for the unexpected. Even the most experienced off-roader can sometimes find themselves stuck in mud, sand, or even snow. If you don't have a tow strap in your kit, then you're out of luck. If you have one, however, you can quickly call upon another vehicle – preferably a four-wheel drive – to pull you out. This could be anything from a friend's trail-blazer to a local tow truck. All it requires is a bit of organization beforehand, but it can help you back onto the trail without too much hassle.

Equally, a tow strap could help other off-roaders out in a jam too. It's a bonus to any off-roading group to have a tow strap – it means that everyone can carry on if there are any problems. Even if the terrain you’re crossing is relatively simple and straightforward, you never know what conditions may arise. It pays to be prepared, and the tow strap is an invaluable addition to any off-roader's kit.

Of course, no matter how useful a tow strap can be, it is only as good as the user. Knowing the right techniques and techniques of using a tow strap is essential to its effectiveness on the trail. Some tips to bear in mind are ensuring the right type of strap is used, maintaining the appropriate distance between the two cars, and utilizing suitable recovery anchors.

When the time comes to use your tow strap, it's also important to focus on safety. It goes without saying that it shouldn't be used if conditions are too hazardous. Additionally, wearing the appropriate protective gear is recommended. A helmet, gloves, and close-toed shoes are all essential, as well as suitable towing mirrors for easier vision when driving.

Overall, the tow strap is one of the most versatile and cost-effective tools an off-roader can carry. It's versatile, easy to use, and incredibly efficient when it comes to retrieving vehicles from tricky situations. With the right techniques, it can become a vital part of your off-road kit, providing effective recovery with minimal stress. With a tow strap, you're always prepared for the unexpected and ready to tackle whatever the road throws at you.

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