mustang tow strap

mustang tow strap

A History of Mustang Tow Straps

The Mustang tow strap is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable pieces of Ford hardware. Originally designed for the famous Mustang muscle car, the Ford Mustang tow strap has become an invaluable tool for towing various vehicles and objects, thanks to its robust design and durability. In this article, we take a look at the history of the Ford Mustang tow strap, as well as how and why it has become so ubiquitous.

The first Mustang tow strap was developed in the 1960s in conjunction with the launch of the Ford Mustang – the revolutionary and iconic muscle car that made waves in the automotive world upon its release. The robustness of the car's body and its engine meant that it was able to withstand some pretty extreme conditions and tough terrain, making it the ideal vehicle for towing and hauling. With this in mind, the Mustang tow strap was designed to ensure that the car could safely be towed over long distances and subject to heavy loads.

At the time of its launch, there were no other tow straps on the market that could withstand the power of the Mustang engine, so Ford designers had to come up with a solution that was as strong as the car itself. After extensive research and design, the team created a strap that was constructed from two layers of heavy-duty webbing, reinforced with stainless steel hooks that were designed to safely attach to either the tow bar or the car.

Since its launch, the Mustang Tow Strap has been adopted by a wide array of industries that require the power and strength of towing. Utilities firms and emergency services, such as fire and police departments, often use the tow strap for transporting heavy equipment and supplies during rescues, as well as for towing vehicles. The popularity of the Mustang tow strap also extends to the racing and motorsports industries, where it is regularly used for towing race cars, towing bikes and trailers, as well as towing boats and watercraft.

The Mustang tow strap has become such a successful design that it has inspired many other designs. Many other car manufacturers have adopted the Mustang tow strap design as their own, often with other minor tweaks to suit their specific needs. The Mustang tow strap has also been adopted by many recreational vehicle users, such as motorcyclists and quad bikers, for towing their vehicles and trailers.

Today, the Mustang tow strap is considered the gold standard for towing, and its versatility and durability have made it an indispensable part of the automotive and leisure industries. Its robust design and decades of proven utility have endured the test of time, and it is set to continue to be widely used for many years to come.

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