motormic tow strap recovery kit

motormic tow strap recovery kit


When you’re planning a trip out on the trail, proper preparation is the key to a successful and safe outdoor adventure. One essential item that requires lots of consideration before you leave is a tow strap recovery kit. Whether you’re traversing mountain passes, navigating through dense forests, or wading through deep water, having a tow strap kit on hand can help get you out of even the most challenging situatCions.

What are the Benefits of a Motoramic Tow Strap Recovery Kit?

A Motoramic tow strap recovery kit is the perfect item for the adventurous explorer. It is designed for those who value their safe return home as much as the adventure itself. A Motoramic tow strap recovery kit contains everything necessary to successfully recover from dangerous and tricky situations. The kit features high-strength straps and heavy-duty hardware, making recovery from a stuck vehicle or difficult terrain easy and reliable.

The motoramic tow straps are constructed from a robust polyester webbing which is comfortable on the hands and super tough. It is also lightweight so it won't weigh you down when travelling. You'll have piece of mind knowing the recovery straps have been subjected to the most off-road testing and stress applied to ensure the best strength and durability.

Additionally, Motoramic's tow strap recovery kit comes with a range of hooks and shackles which enable the strap to be used in a variety of ways. With strong, reinforced ass and stainless steel connection points, you can have confidence it will hold under great load strength. Plus, the set includes a convenient bag for easy storage and fast access.

When Should You Use a Motoramic Tow Strap Recovery Kit?

The Motoramic tow strap recovery kit is perfect for those looking for a light and simple recovery solution easy to take with you on your outdoor escapades. Tow strap recovery kits are designed for when you’re in the most tricky off-road environments, such as when you experience mud, deep snow, or sand. You may also find them useful for extracting or winching a vehicle out of a ditch or incline or for being pulled out of a sticky situation.

No matter what terrain or challenging environment you may find yourself in, having the Motoramic tow strap recovery kit can give you some much needed peace of mind, ensuring you can get out of any jam without worry.


When venturing out on the trails, it pays to be prepared. A Motoramic tow strap recovery kit is the perfect accessory for any explorer to have on hand. Its high-strength straps, reinforced connection points, and lightweight design ensure you’re ready for any off-road situation you may encounter. By having this item in your kit, you’ll be prepared for any adventure you may come across.

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