motorcycle handlebar tow straps

motorcycle handlebar tow straps

Introduction Motorcycle Handlebar Tow Straps are an essential motorcycling accessory for any bike rider. They provide extra security and stability, making it easier to manage heavy loads and long distances. Handlebar Tow Straps enable you to carry on-the-go items such as tools, spare parts and other equipment safely and securely and are designed to be used in all weather conditions. They are also invaluable when you need to store or transport large items such as coolers or camping gear. Choosing the right tow straps for your specific bike and riding needs can make the difference between an enjoyable ride and a dangerous one.

What are the different types of motorcycle handlebar tow straps?

Motorcycle handlebar tow straps come in a range of styles, depending on the needs of the rider. The most common types of tow straps are the tie-down, draw-bar and ratchet straps. The tie-down strap is a basic strap that can be used for lightweight loads. It is secured with simple knots at both ends and is ideal for carrying basic items like camping gear, luggage and equipment. Draw-bar straps are a more secure style of tow strap and feature a loop at one end that slides over the handlebar of your bike. This allows for adjustable tension when carrying heavy items, such as coolers and other camping gear. Ratchet straps have a ratchet mechanism which allows you to secure heavier items with greater accuracy and strength.

What are the benefits of using Motorcycle Handlebar Tow Straps?

Using motorcycle handlebar tow straps allows you to carry heavy items with much more stability and security than without. They are designed to evenly distribute the weight across the bike, which helps to keep the rider balanced and in control. They also offer extra flexibility in the form of adjustable tension, meaning you can carry bigger things without having to worry about the straps loosening. The straps also make it much easier to store and transport large items, as they can be tightened for a snug fit. In addition, most straps come with a waterproof coating to protect against the elements.

What should you consider when selecting Motorcycle Handlebar Tow Straps?

When selecting the best tow straps for your particular bike, it is important to take into consideration a few key points. Firstly, consider the weight of the items and the size of the straps. The tie-down style is the most basic and suitable for lightweight loads, while the draw-bar and ratchet straps are better for heavier items. When selecting a ratchet strap, look for one with a wide, thick ratings for more reliable strength. Secondly, you need to look at the compatibility with your bike's handlebar, ensuring the straps are able to fit around it without any issues. Lastly, make sure to check the weather resistance of the straps, as this will help ensure they remain strong and durable in all conditions.


Motorcycle Handlebar Tow Straps are essential for any rider, providing extra stability and security when carrying heavy loads. When selecting the best tow straps, there are a few key points to consider, such as the weight, size and compatibility of the straps, and the weather-resistance of the material. When used correctly, tow straps can make long hauls, carrying larger items and travelling on rough terrain much simpler and safer. Regardless of the type of ride you’re planning, handlebar tow straps are a great addition to your bike, making any trip much more enjoyable.

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