mk7 gti tow strap

mk7 gti tow strap

The VW MK7 GTI is a highly acclaimed performer from Volkswagen's growing range of Sports/Performance cars. It is a joy to drive with its superbly balanced chassis and its range of turbocharged engines, which are available with a variety of power levels up to the beefy 290hp Clubsport S. A capable all-rounder, it comes with a multitude of optional extras that can be used to tailor the driving experience to suit individual preferences.

One such extra is the VW MK7 GTI Tow Strap. This is a small, yet useful accessory designed to make towing much easier and safer.

The VW MK7 GTI tow strap is made from tough woven nylon webbing embedded with highly aasion resistant rubber. This material is both lightweight and strong. It also benefits from being weather and UV resistant, meaning it will not fail due to exposure to the elements.

The strap is strong enough to handle a heavy load and its 8-foot length provides enough stretch for attaching it to the back of your car, with the aid of the hook fasteners. These hook fasteners are quick and easy to attach to the tow hook on the rear of the car, ensuring a secure fit when towing.

It also comes with a handy integrated storage pouch that can be secured to the body work of your car. This pouch allows you to store the tow strap in a neat and tidy manner, so that you don't need to take it with you when you drive. The storage pouch is made from hard wearing synthetic faic, providing additional protection to the strap itself.

The Benefits of the VW MK7 GTI Tow Strap

The VW MK7 GTI Tow Strap is one of the few accessories designed specifically for this particular model, making it a must-have addition to any owner’s collection. Its ability to help make towing much easier and safer is invaluable, especially when towing heavy items, such as boats and caravans.

The tow strap is also a simple yet effective way to store and protect the strap itself. The integrated storage pouch ensures that it remains secure and out of the way when not in use, which means it won’t get damaged in transit or when storing it in the car.


The VW MK7 GTI Tow Strap is the ideal accessory for any driver who needs to tow heavy items on a regular basis. Whether towing boats, caravans or trailers, this strap will ensure a secure and easy connection to your car. The aasion resistant material and storage pouch are also fantastic features, adding extra peace of mind when it comes to protecting the strap from the elements and general wear and tear.

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