military surplus tow strap

military surplus tow strap


Since the 17th century, the British military has been responsible for the supply and deployment of a wide range of equipment, tools and supplies. One such item is the military surplus tow strap. Originally designed for towing military vehicles, the tow strap has become increasingly popular with those interested in off-road driving due to its strength and versatility. This article will define what a military surplus tow strap is, explore its many uses and explain why it is so popular for off-roaders.

What is a Military Surplus Tow Strap?

A military surplus tow strap is a heavy-duty item of equipment typically made from a mix of high-strength polyester materials. It is designed to be used in combination with a metal tow hitch (or equivalent fixing), which together are suitable for towing various types of vehicles over a variety of difficult terrain. A military surplus tow strap typically measures approximately 15 metres in length and is wide enough to fit a standard tow hitch. The polyester material has been treated to resist mould, mildew and UV radiation, making it an ideal choice for both on-road and off-road use.

Uses of the Military Surplus Tow Strap

The military surplus tow strap is an incredibly versatile item – it can be used to tow a variety of vehicles, such as light cars, trucks and even large buses, as well as boats, trailers, and all terrain vehicles (ATVs). It is suitable for long journeys and can also be used in emergencies when a vehicle needs to be moved a short distance, or when towing something heavy down a steep incline, or in mud and sandy conditions. The tow strap is relatively lightweight, making it easily portable and ideal for outdoor leisure activities, such as when camping and fishing.

Why the Military Surplus Tow Strap is Popular for Off-Roaders

The military surplus tow strap has become increasingly popular with off-roaders for a range of reasons. Firstly, its design is strong and reliable, meaning it is suitable for more intensive uses than more traditional straps. Secondly, the wide width ensures it will fit a range of different types of towing mechanisms. Thirdly, its overall length makes it suitable for various types of terrain and conditions; this makes it popular for use in desert, mountain or forested environments. Fourthly, it is affordable and cost-effective, especially when compared to similarly designed items. Finally, the polyester material is designed to be resistant to harsh environments, meaning it will last longer and is easier to store and transport.


The military surplus tow strap is an incredibly versatile piece of equipment. Since its invention in the 17th century, it has become an essential item for the British military, and increasingly popular with off-roaders. Its strength, versatility and affordability make it ideal for a variety of uses, particularly towing vehicles over difficult terrain. This article has outlined what a military surplus tow strap is, explored its many uses and explained why it is so popular for off-roaders.

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