master tow dolly tie down straps

master tow dolly tie down straps

Cargo Securement: The Role of Tie Down Straps Cargo tie-down straps, more commonly referred to as tie downs, are used to secure cargo during transportation. They are used to stop cargo from shifting and becoming damaged in transit. When tying down cargo, it is essential to use the most appropriate type of tie down for the cargo being transported and the trailer or truck it is secured to.

Cargos are typically secured to vehicles by lashing them to the vehicle or trailer with straps, straps and a netting system, or straps and ratchet buckles. Each type of tie-down has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the specific cargo requirements. The following provides an overview of the different types of tie down systems, the advantages and disadvantages of using each system, and tips for using them properly.

Lashing Straps: Lashing straps were the first type of tie-down to be used and are still the most widely used type of strap. Lashing straps are made from either polyester or nylon and are designed to be wrapped around the cargo to keep it secure. Lashing straps come in various lengths and have either round or flat profiles. The most common type is a flat profile which has more surface area for the straps to be secured to the trailer or truck. Lashing straps are economical and flexible but they can be difficult to apply and are not suitable for long loads that need to be secured across multiple ties.

Net System: A net system is a type of cargo securement that uses netting to keep loads secure on flat-bed trailers. This system allows for flexible and economical tie-downs of long loads. The netting is secured to the sides of the trailer with hooks or loops that are attached to the trailer or truck. The netting is then pulled tight across the load, providing increased load stability. Net systems are more secure than using lashing straps and they are better suited for loads that need to be secured across multiple ties.

Ratchet Straps and Buckles: Ratchet straps and buckles are a more specialized form of tie-down system. Ratchet straps are made from polyester or nylon and have special buckles that allow for a tight, secure tie. Ratchet straps have become popular due to the ease of use, increased load stability, and the ability to adjust the strap tension. They are the most secure type of tie-down system and are generally more expensive than the lashing or net systems.

No matter the type of tie-down system that is used, it is essential to use the right type of strap for the specific cargo requirements. The thickness and strength of the straps should be appropriate for the size and weight of the load. When using any type of tie-down system, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and always inspect the cargo after it is tied down to ensure it is secure and there are no loose ends. Failure to properly secure cargo can lead to accidents, property damage, and personal injury.

When using a ratchet system, it is important to make sure that the ratchet is properly seated and locked in place to prevent any slipping or adjustments during transport. Additionally, it is good practice to use chocks, or wedges, on heavy loads to help prevent them from shifting during transport.

Cargo securement is essential when transporting goods and requires the use of appropriate tie-down straps and systems. By knowing the different types of straps and systems and understanding the requirements of the specific load, it is possible to ensure that the goods are safe and secure during transit. Cargo securement is an important factor for ensuring that goods arrive safely and on time.

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