lowes tow straps

lowes tow straps


Knots have been a part of human culture for thousands of years. They were used as a practical way to tie and hold things together, both in everyday life and in an array of craft projects. Knots are still relied upon today in various applications, though, perhaps nowhere more so than in the use of tow straps. Used in a range of contexts, including that of an automobile tow, these straps are a critical component in ensuring the safety of a tow.

Found predominantly in the automotive industry, tow straps – also known as tow ropes, tow lines, or recovery straps – are a heavy-duty, multipurpose, and long-lasting tool. Comprised of intricate and carefully-constructed knot tying techniques, these straps are commonly used to provide a secure, elastic connection between two vehicles, as well as to assist with a range of other applications in recovery and towing services. Tow straps can also be used to transport boats and recreational equipment over land, by connecting the vehicles to one another.

The main purpose of tow straps is to safely, yet securely, attach one vehicle to another. This connection needs to be strong and, to achieve this, the tow strap must be comprised of a number of helpful components; such as eye, clamp, and buckle designs. Eye design allows for a connection between the features of the two vehicles, while clamps and buckles provide additional strength as well as a more secure connection. Tow straps may also feature additional stitching on each end, including reinforced loops, which can be used to attach additional items.

In order to provide the strength and durability necessary for safe towing, tow straps are typically made from strong and elastic materials. This includes a range of woven polyester fibers, as well as nylon and synthetic rope. When combined, these materials create a tow strap that is lightweight, durable, and can withstand the high tensions and loads associated with towing vehicles. It is important to note, however, that despite their strength, high tension and rough handling can cause tow straps to fray over time.

Instructions for Proper Use

When using a tow strap, there are a few steps involved in its proper application. First, it is important to check the capacity specifications of the tow strap in order to ensure it is capable of towing the intended weight of the specific vehicles. This will help to ensure the tow strap is strong enough for the task and that it is not stretched beyond its capacity.

The next step is to properly attach the tow strap to the vehicles. To achieve this, the strap should be looped around an appropriate vehicle component – such as a bumper, hitch or similar – and securely tightened. This should then be connected to the second vehicle in the same manner. Once connected to both vehicles, the tow strap should be under even tension, which can be achieved by adjusting both ends of the strap.

When towing a vehicle, the tow strap should remain as slack as possible; this helps to reduce strain on the strap and reduce the risk of fraying. It also helps to prevent the strapping from snapping, which can cause serious injury. Over-tightening the strap can also cause it to eak, so it is essential to ensure the tow strap remains un-stretched.


Tow straps are a critical part of the towing and recovery process. They provide a strong yet elastic connection between two vehicles, enabling them to safely pull or transport large items over land. To ensure the safe and secure operation of tow straps, they must be comprised of strong and suitable materials, and they must be used exactly as instructed. By adhering to the instructions above, tow straps will remain safe and effective, and can help to ensure the safety of all involved.

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