long tow straps

long tow straps


How to Use a Tow Strap Safely

Tow straps are vital pieces of safety equipment for many, particularly those who frequently drive on long-distance trips or off-road. These heavy-duty straps are designed to use a vehicle's towing capacity to rescue a stranded vehicle, and they are a trusty resource to have when roads are narrow, or transport is limited. Used correctly, they can provide a valuable and safe towing experience.

First and foremost, it is important to note that a tow strap is intended for temporary, short-distance towing only. They are not designed or suitable for towing large, heavy or long distances, or towing heavy-duty trailers.

Before attempting any towing, read the owner’s manual for both cars involved in the operation. Doing so will help ensure that the car's towing capacity is not exceeded and the cars are compatible for towing.

When planning to use a tow strap, both cars should be as close to one another as possible. The strap should be placed between the two bumpers for optimal use. If either car has a hitch, it is important to make sure that a compatible hitch ball is installed and tightened correctly.

It is essential to choose the correct size tow strap for the job. This means that the width of the strap must be appropriate for the weight of the cars that are being towed. Thinner straps are suitable for lighter vehicles, while heavier vehicles will require thick, heavy-duty straps.

The strap should be checked for signs of wear or tear before use. Make sure it is as flat and taut as possible, and then double check that the strap is secured to each car by ratchet straps, twisted rope, or a locking device.

Towing should be done gradually and carefully. Take your time and be aware of the limitations of your tow strap. Take special care to move at a speed that is safe for conditions, and that both cars will be able to handle. Sharp or sudden turns, or any attempts to over-accelerate may cause the strap to fail.

In the event that either car must be stopped during towing, be sure to turn off the car's engine first and signal to the other driver. Once stopped, both cars must be securely tied off so that the strap does not move or get stretched.

When it comes time to detach the strap, unhook it slowly to make sure that the tension is released slowly. This will also help to reduce any potential stretching or damage to the strap.

Towing with a tow strap is a critical skill to master, especially if you frequently drive in areas with limited towing options. To ensure a safe tow, it is essential that you use the proper equipment, follow instructions, and understand the limitations of the strap itself. With the proper use, a tow strap can be a life-saver when you’re stuck in a bind.

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