lewistown tow straps

lewistown tow straps

As more and more people are becoming increasingly dependent on their vehicles for transportation, it is becoming increasingly important for drivers to be prepared for unexpected car troubles. One effective way of doing this is to always keep a pair of tow straps in the car in order to help get the vehicle back on track in the event of a eakdown. Tow straps are an easy and affordable solution to preparatory roadside assistance and can be used in the event of an emergency, allowing the stricken car to be towed safely and cost-effectively to a nearby automotive repair facility.

In this article, we will discuss what tow straps are, how to use them, and why they are important to have in your vehicle.

What Are Tow Straps?

Tow straps are a piece of equipment used to secure a stranded vehicle in order to transport it to a repair shop or other location. They are also known as tow ropes, snatch straps, or recovery straps. Tow straps are typically made of polyester or polypropylene webbing and are generally 4-10 feet long and two, three, or four inches wide. Tow straps are rated to support a certain amount of weight and must be rated appropriately for the weight of the vehicle being towed.

How to Use a Tow Strap

To safely use a tow strap, it is important that a few simple steps are followed. First, the strap should be connected to each car securely and free of any twists. The tow strap should then be adjusted for length, so that the towing vehicle is about two feet away from the vehicle being towed. Once the strap is securely in place, it should be looped around the tow bar of the towing vehicle so that the strap forms a ‘U’ shape. The excess strap should then be tucked away, so that it is not in the way. It is important that the strap is not pulled too tight, as this can damage the bumper of the towing vehicle.

Once the strap is securely in place, the towing vehicle should begin to move very slowly, and keep speeds to a minimum. The towing vehicle should accelerate and decelerate slowly in order to minimize any jerking motion, which could strain the strap and potentially cause it to slip and/or eak. Also, the cars should be kept a safe distance apart, and ideally, the tire tracks of the towing vehicle should overlap the tire tracks of the towed vehicle in order to provide better stability and traction.

Why You Should Keep Tow Straps in Your Vehicle

It is important to always have tow straps in your vehicle, as they can be invaluable in emergency situations. By having a tow strap on hand, drivers can tow their vehicle back to a repair shop in the event of a eakdown or accident, avoiding the time and expense of having it towed by a professional. Tow straps are also an effective solution for off-road traction when mired in mud, sand, or snow. Lastly, tow straps can be used in water rescue situations to quickly extract someone who is stranded.


Tow straps are an essential piece of emergency equipment for any vehicle and should always be kept in the trunk. Tow straps should be used carefully and with caution, and it is important to ensure the strap is appropriate for the weight of the vehicle being towed. With the proper use, tow straps can be invaluable in emergency situations, thanks to their affordability and effectiveness.

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