kinetic tow straps

kinetic tow straps

Striking the perfect balance between strength and flexibility, kinetic tow straps offer a powerful approach to vehicle towing. With a tensile strength of up to 35,000 pounds, these products can provide secure, yet gentle towing for almost any size load. As compared to typical chains, these straps are easy to use, lighter in weight and offer a safer towing experience with reduced risk of damaging the vehicle or trailer.

The hottest and of kinetic tow straps in the market today is Dutton’s Tug-and-Pull. These straps are made from proprietary nylon webbing and feature a unique safety release system that helps protect against accidental overloads and sudden movements, eliminating the possibility of injury or vehicle damage. Additionally, the straps feature a reinforcement strip that increases the strength of the pull by distributing the force across the entire strap.

Given the power of the kinetic tow straps, users must take care when attaching the straps to ensure they are securely attached without causing excessive strain on the towing points. In addition, the vehicle's tow points must also be strong enough to handle the weight of the load. To attach the straps, secure the ends to the vehicle's tow points using either the included snap hooks or loops. Then, loop the remaining strap around the undercarriage of the vehicle in two figure-eight-style wraps for more secure fastening. If necessary, the loops and wraps can be secure further by using rope.

When ready to tow, secure the vehicle and tow strap to the tow vehicle. Using a reinforced nylon loop, pass the end of the strap through the middle of two D-rings and connect the loop to the tow vehicle. Pulling the strap tight will cause the kinetic power to take effect and take up any slack. It is important to remember that the strap should be positioned along the frame of the vehicle in order to maximize the kinetic power of the strap and avoid causing any damage to the vehicle.

At the same time, it is important to pay attention to the road and driving conditions. Doing so will help protect against straining the strap and protect the towing points. Additionally, the use of the safety release system can help protect against any sudden movements or activates the safety release system when the weight limit is exceeded.

Kinetic tow straps are strong, dependable, easy-to-use products designed to provide a secure and gentle towing experience. Although they do require a bit of skill to effectively use, they offer a powerful yet gentle way to tow almost any size load. As always, it is important to pay attention to the road and driving conditions and to make sure the vehicles are connected securely to the tow vehicle. With the right precautions, kinetic tow straps can make towing a much simpler, safer and more enjoyable experience.

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