keeper tow strap

keeper tow strap

A tow strap is an incredibly beneficial tool to have in any garage or car trunk. While larger vehicles like trucks are able to tow other vehicles, a tow strap is an essential device for light-duty towing, such as moving a disabled vehicle from one spot to another.

Tow straps come in several different sizes and varieties, and the selection of the right one requires understanding the different features of a tow strap. This article will provide an in-depth look at tow straps and guide readers towards the best strap for their needs.

A tow strap is essentially just a strong rope or webbing made of nylon, polyester, lightweight steel, or other sturdy synthetic materials. It works by connecting two vehicles' tow hooks, attaching one end of the strap to another vehicle and the other end to a receiver on the disabled vehicle. The strength of the tow strap is determined by the type, length, and thickness of the material used.

One key feature of any tow strap is the eaking strength. This is essentially the amount of force a strap can endure before it forcibly separates itself. The eaking strength is usually designated in terms of a weight such as kg and pounds. A higher weight rating usually indicates a higher quality strap.

When purchasing a tow strap, you should also pay attention to the looped ends. The loops help connect to a vehicle’s towhook efficiently and securely. The loops should be made of a strong material that won’t give way when under pressure.

Finally, the length of the tow strap is also important. Straps that are too short limit the towing distance you can cover, while straps that are too long can easily get tangled. The average tow strap is about 15 feet, and this is usually a good length to go for.

Tow straps are an incredibly versatile and sometimes underappreciated tool. They can be used to tow a car, boat, RV, bike, horse trailer, jet ski, or any other vehicle that can be attached to the other vehicle. The straps are lightweight and come in a variety of sizes, so they can be easily kept in a trunk, glove box, or other receptacle. They can even be used to pull a stuck vehicle out of thick mud or snow.

No matter the size or type of vehicle you need to tow, a tow strap is the perfect solution. With the right strap, you can easily move any vehicle in a secure, safe, and reliable manner.

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