kayak tow strap

kayak tow strap

Kayaking is an increasingly popular kayaking sport, and with it the need for accessories and safety measures to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience. A kayak tow strap is one such accessory that has quickly become a must-have for kayakers.

A kayak tow strap is simply a rope or webbing that is used to pull a kayak behind another kayak, or a larger boat or jet ski. It is most commonly used in whitewater or open-ocean kayaking where the currents can be strong and unpredictable, or when a longer trip is planned that may require more than one person paddling a single kayak.

The kayak tow strap is typically mounted on the back of the kayak that is doing the towing, with the end of the strap passed through the two anchor points at the stern of the boat being towed. The straps can either be attached to the stern of the boat with anchors or by simply lacing them around the boat’s frame.

Many kayakers choose to use the kayak tow strap because of the increased safety and ease of use it provides. For instance, if a kayaker falls in the water, the tow strap will keep the boat from drifting away while help is ought. In addition, towing a boat with the strap greatly reduces the risk of damaging the boats, as the strain is spread over the whole of the boat, not just the stern.

The kayak tow strap also makes it easier to maneuver boats when towing, as it distributes the weight of the boat evenly over the entire length of the strap. This works to reduce the resistance from bow waves, and to keep the boat’s angle in the water during turns and manoeuvers.

The kayak tow strap can also be used to assist with loading and unloading the boat. The strap helps to keep the boat steady, preventing it from tipping or being swept away by currents.

Generally speaking, a good kayak tow strap should be long enough to fit all types of kayaks, and strong enough to handle three or four points of contact with the boat that is being towed, as well as the kayaker’s weight. It should also be lightweight, and not interfere with the kayaker’s paddling.

Kayak tow straps can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from nylon to polyethylene, and even metals such as stainless steel. They come in both fixed and adjustable lengths.

Overall, while kayak tow straps may not be a glamorous piece of equipment, they are an essential safety item for kayakers. They are easy to use and provide a secure way to tow a kayak, reducing the chance of an accident occurring in dangerous waters.

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