k tool international tow strap

k tool international tow strap


Tow straps, also known as tow ropes, are essential tools used in auto repair and towing. A tow strap easily attaches an immobilized vehicle to a towing vehicle for proper transport. Furthermore, the strap serves the purpose of acting as a safety tool that prevents either of the two from colliding with each other. Making use of the correct safe practices and techniques are necessary for the secure and successful transport of the vehicle.


Tow straps were first invented in the early 20th century as a tool to assist in the towing of vehicles. The first versions of the strap were made up of canvas, rubber, and other non-resistant materials. This type of strap was generally weak and would easily eak when used for towing purposes. The invention of the tow strap revolutionized the world of towing, taking it from a laborious, dangerous profession to one that can now be easily and safely done.

Types of Tow Straps

The contemporary tow straps come in a variety of types, commonly classified according to the material they are made up of. The most common types of tow straps include:

• Polyester Tow Straps: These are strong, yet lightweight and inexpensive straps made up of synthetic fibers. They are often used in medium-duty towing as they can stretch up to 30-35% of their length but can eak easily.

• Nylon Tow Straps: Nylon tow straps are stronger straps made up of nylon webbing. They are more expensive than their polyester counterparts but are also tougher and more reliable for heavy-duty towing. The straps can stretch up to 18-20% of their length, but are still easily oken when overloaded.

• Kevlar Tow Straps: These are high-strength, lightweight, and durable tow straps that can handle up to four times their maximum loading capacity. Kevlar tow straps are viewed as the premier option for heavy-duty towing applications as they are very strong and almost impossible to eak.

• Woven Tow Straps: These high-strength tow straps are woven from durable threads to form a net-like structure. They are highly tear-resistant and can handle up to five times their maximum loading capacity. Although these are strong tow straps, they are susceptible to eaking when overloaded.

Safety Considerations for Using Tow Straps

Using tow straps can be relatively safe if the proper safety protocols are used. These include:

• Make sure the tow strap is applied securely and tightly so that neither the tow vehicle nor the vehicle being towed can move.

• Securely attach the tow strap to the axle or frame of the vehicle being towed, never to the bumpers.

• Use a tow strap with the specified maximum load limit as certain tow straps may stretch or snap if overloaded.

• Make sure both vehicles have sufficient wheel clearance (at least 12 inches).

• When towing vehicles, never exceed the speed limit.


Tow straps are essential tools for auto repair and towing. They are available in a variety of types that are suitable for different towing applications. However, they must be used safely and correctly to avoiderisk of injury and damage to the tow vehicle and the towed vehicle. It is best to consult with a professional towing company or mechanic to ensure that tow straps are utilized safely and correctly for optimal performance and security.

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