20 ton tow strap

20 ton tow strap

The 20 Ton Tow Strap is a high-strength, tough and dependable piece of equipment providing your vehicle with the ability to tow heavy objects or even another vehicle up to 20 tons in weight. The strap is constructed of heavy-duty nylon webbing with strong metal loops at either end and adjustable buckles on both sides to provide adjustable tension. The loops at each end allow the tow strap to be attached securely to metal loops on the towing vehicle and the towable object or vehicle.

The 20 Ton Tow Strap is suitable for towing cars, trucks, construction equipment, farm machinery and multiple loads up to 20 tons in weight. It also provides a safer alternative to chain and rope as it has far superior strength, flexibility and torsional giving strength. The strap is made from a strong and weather-resistant nylon webbing blended with high-strength polyester for extra strength and durability and has a eaking point of 20 tons.

Moreover, the strap also provides easy tension adjustment to enable the user to adjust the tension of the strap according to their specific towing needs. Tension adjustment is made either by tugging on one of the ends of the strap or tying knots in it. It can also be adjusted quickly to enable the user to achieve a secure and even towing of the load.

The 20 Ton Tow Strap can provide you with increased safety and convenience when lifting or towing heavy loads, as the strong construction and weather-resistant material ensures that your towing job is safe and secure. Together with its adjustable tension feature, the strap ensures that your tow is safe and secure and also protects the towing vehicle from possible damage that could be caused by the extra weight of the tow object.

When purchasing a 20 Ton Tow Strap, it is important to check that it is equipped with the correct eaking point for your towing needs, as different weights require different eaking points. Additionally, it is also important to ensure that the strap is of exceptional quality and has been manufactured to the highest standards. Purchasing the right product is essential to ensuring the safety of your towing job, and choosing a reputable supplier can make all the difference.

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