how to use ratchet tow straps

how to use ratchet tow straps

Introduction Tow straps are an essential tool for anyone who needs to tow something, whether that be a car, boat, or motorcycle. Ratchet tow straps have benefits over regular tow straps, such as greater strength, ease of use, and an adjustable length. Ratchet tow straps are an excellent option for anyone who needs to tow something as they provide increased safety, convenience, and flexibility. This article explains how to properly use a ratchet tow strap to ensure proper safety and efficiency.

Safety When using a ratchet tow strap, it is essential to ensure that you are using the right equipment and that all safety procedures are being followed correctly. Before you attach anything to the tow strap, check that all the components are properly installed and in good condition. Make sure that all the hooks and ratchets are securely clamped shut and not able to open or slip off during use. If any parts appear to be damaged or worn, do not use the tow strap. Additionally, wear protective gear, such as gloves and safety glasses, when attaching and adjusting the tow strap.

Attaching the Ratchet Tow Strap To attach a ratchet tow strap, first determine the distance between the two points of attachment and then adjust the ratchet buckle to the appropriate length. Once the length has been adjusted, run one end of the strap through the large loop at the end of the ratchet and then secure the loop by folding it back over and clipping the other end of the strap with the trigger clip. To secure the other end of the tow strap, attach the claw hook to the vehicle or load attached by passing the strap through the small opening in the hook.

Adjusting the Ratchet Tow Strap If you need to adjust the length of the strap while towing, the ratchet buckle makes it easy to do so. All you need to do is press the release lever and the ratchet will unlock and the strap can be adjusted to the correct tension. When adjusting the strap, make sure that it is not too tight as this can damage both the strap and the vehicle/load it is attached to. After the strap has been adjusted to the correct tension, press the lever again to lock the strap in place.

Releasing the Ratchet Tow Strap Once the tow job is complete, it is important to properly release the strap from the load. First, press the release lever to unlock the ratchet and then manually ease out the strap to further loosen it. Finally, pull the trigger on the clip to open it and then completely remove the tow strap. Once the strap is removed, store it in a dry place to ensure that it is in good working order for future use.

Conclusion Ratchet tow straps are a great option for anyone needing to tow something as they provide increased safety, convenience, and flexibility. However, they can be dangerous if not used properly, so it is important to take the time to understand how to use them correctly. This article provided details on how to properly attach, adjust, and release a ratchet tow strap to ensure safe and secure towing. Following these instructions can help you get the most out of your tow strap and ensure that you are using it safely and effectively.

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