how to tow a car with tow straps

how to tow a car with tow straps

Towing a car with tow straps isn’t always the easiest task. It takes careful planning, attention to safety, and the right equipment to get the job done properly. Follow these instructions for how to tow a car with tow straps and you should have no trouble getting your vehicle from one location to another.

1. Have the necessary equipment.

When it comes to towing a car with tow straps, having the proper equipment is essential. You'll need two tow straps, a trailer hitch, and a pair of towing eyes. Tow straps are the most important pieces of equipment and should be heavy-duty and rated for the weight of the vehicle being towed. Towing eyes should be made of metal and specifically designed for towing. It’s also a good idea to pack a few glove protectors, extra tie downs, and bungee cords in case you need them.

2. Prepare the tow strap

Once you’ve gathered the necessary equipment, it’s time to prepare the tow straps. Start by checking each strap for wear and tear. Make sure the towing eyelets are securely attached, and that the straps are free from tears and fraying. To attach the tow eyebolts, feed the tow strap through each loop and secure with a knot. After that, adjust the tow straps to the appropriate length.

3. Attach the tow eyes

Once the tow straps are prepared, it’s time to attach the tow eyes. First, advise the person in the towing vehicle to back up towards the towing vehicle until the tow eyes are close enough to each other that they can be connected. Then, attach each tow eye to the corresponding tow eyelet and make sure they are tightened down securely.

4. Double check the connection

To make sure the connection is secure, double check that the tow eyes and tow straps are tightened and the knots are secure. Also, check the tow straps to make sure they are firmly attached to each vehicle.

5. Start towing

Once you’ve made sure that the connection between the two vehicles is secure, it’s time to start towing. Make sure both vehicles are in gear, then have the towing vehicle slowly start to move forward. Make sure to drive slowly and cautiously while towing, and allow extra time and distance to come to a full stop.

6. Checking the connection

If you need to make any stops during the towing process, make sure to check the connection between the two vehicles. This will help ensure that the connection is still secure, and that the tow straps haven't become loose or frayed during the trip.

With the right preparation and equipment, towing a car with tow straps is a relatively straightforward process. To ensure safety while towing, remember to take the time to double check the connection between the two vehicles, drive slowly and carefully, and always plan ahead for potential contingencies. If you follow these steps, you should have no problem towing a car with tow straps from one location to another.

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