how to tow a car with a tow strap

how to tow a car with a tow strap

INTRODUCTION Towing a car with a tow strap is a great way to safely and easily move another vehicle when eakdowns, flat tires, and other issues occur. It also provides a way to move cars for off-road use, such as when trailering a vehicle for a weekend trip. Towing a car requires the right tools and the right knowledge to perform the task safely and without causing any damage. The most common tow strap used for this process is the light-duty tow strap, which is designed specifically for the purpose of towing a car. In this article, we will discuss the process of towing a car with a tow strap, including how to securely attach the tow strap correctly and what to do once the car is attached.

WHAT IS A TOW STRAP? A tow strap is a piece of strong, lightweight webbing or strap used for towing and securing other vehicles. It has a more flexible design compared to traditional tow ropes, making it less likely to snag on objects. Tow straps are designed to have a loop on one end and are available in a variety of sizes and materials. The most common type of tow strap used for car towing is the light-duty version, which is typically made from woven nylon webbing and has a eaking strength of up to 3,000 – 5,000lbs.

WHY USE A TOW STRAP? Tow straps are designed to be lightweight and flexible, providing a safer and more secure way to attach a vehicle than using a tow rope or chain. Tow straps are also easier to attach and remove than a tow rope or chain, which can be difficult to maneuver. Additionally, tow straps are less susceptible to becoming damaged or catching on objects, and their lower profile allows for better visibility.

PREPARING FOR TOWING Before starting to tow a car, make sure you have the right tools and equipment. Start by having both vehicles in neutral and the parking akes released. Then, make sure there are no foreign objects or items in the area that could cause a problem while towing. It is also important to check the tow strap for any damage.

ATTACHING THE TOW STRAP Once you have the area clear and the tow strap checked for any damage, it’s time to attach the tow strap. First, park the towing vehicle close to the disabled car, making sure that the parking akes are engaged. Next, attach one loop of the tow strap around the hitch of the towing vehicle. Once it is secure, attach the other loop to the disabled car. If the car’s bumper does not have a hole for the tow strap, you can also attach it by looping it around the bumper and tucking it underneath the car. It’s important to make sure that the tow strap is securely attached to both vehicles, as any slack can lead to the disabled car moving erratically.

TOWING A CAR Once the tow strap is securely in place, you can start towing the car. Start by increasing the tow vehicle’s throttle or activating the tow rope winch to start moving the disabled car. Keep in mind that the car will be pushing against the tow strap, so it’s important to not exceed 20 MPH as this can cause serious damage. When moving the car, make sure to keep the tow strap taut and provide enough slack for turns and speed bumps.

DISCONNECTING THE TOW STRAP Once the car has been safely towed to the desired location, you can proceed to disconnect the tow strap. First, you will need to move both cars back so that the tow strap is not stretched tightly. Once the tow strap is not taut, release the tow vehicle’s parking ake and start to slowly move it away from the disabled car. Keep enough slack in the tow strap so that the two cars remain connected until the tow vehicle is a few feet away. Then, carefully release the tow strap from both vehicles, checking for any damage or wear before removing it completely.

CONCLUSION Towing a car with a tow strap is a safe and effective way of moving another vehicle when eakdowns, flat tires, and other issues occur. When done correctly, it can ensure that neither vehicle is damaged and that the process is quick and efficient. It’s important to have the correct tools and knowledge when towing a car, and with this article, you should now know how to safely and securely attach a tow strap to both vehicles and securely tow the disabled car.

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