how to tie a tow strap

how to tie a tow strap

Introduction Towing is a service that most of us don’t think about until we’re actually in a situation where it’s needed. Towing is often used to move an inoperable vehicle over great distances or to move a vehicle out of an area which it cannot be driven away from. It’s important to understand how to properly secure a tow strap for any tow-related jobs, as it’s important to ensure the safety of any person behind the wheel of the vehicle being towed. In this article, we discuss how to safely secure a tow strap for any towing job.

Materials Required Before you begin, insure that you have the proper materials required for towing. Most specific tow straps are available at local auto parts stores, but you can also use rope or heavy twine of equal weight capacity, provided that the knots you use don’t loosen during the towing process. In addition, you’ll need either a pair of vehicle snaps or some heavy duty duct tape. Vehicle snaps are usually preferred over duct tape, as they allow the tow strap to remain attached throughout the towing process without having to be re-taped on a regular basis.

Step 1 – Attaching the Tow Strap The first step is to attach the tow strap to both vehicles. On each vehicle, you’ll want to attach the tow strap to two sturdy attachment points on the undercarriage. Generally, these points are called “tow hooks” which are usually located near the front and rear bumpers. If your vehicle does not have tow hooks, you’ll want to attachments to secure points such as the frame of the vehicle or the mounting points for the bumper. It’s important to attach the tow strap securely, as the strap will be supporting the weight of both vehicles during the towing process.

Step 2 – Making the Knot Once the tow strap has been attached to both vehicles, you’ll want to tie the tow strap together in a “high tensile” or “truckers” knot. This knot is important to ensure that the strap can adequately support the vehicle during the towing process without loosening or eaking. Below is a link to an infographic that demonstrates how to tie this knot.

Step 3 – cinching the Strap Once the knot has been securely tied, you’ll want to cinch the strap with one of the two attachment devices mentioned above. If you are using vehicle snaps, you’ll want to snap one of the snaps up to the section of the tow strap right before the knot. Then, snap the other snap to the section after the knot. If you’re using duct tape, wrap the tape around the entire strap; ensuring that two layers of tape have been securely applied.

Conclusion Towing is a very serious task, and it’s important to insure that you’re taking the necessary steps to safely secure a tow strap for the job. Fortunately, the steps required for securing a tow strap are straightforward, and involve merely attaching the strap to both vehicles, making a secure knot, and using an attachment device to hold both parts of the strap in place. Following this guide will ensure that your towing job is completed safely and securely, without the risk of the strap coming undone while in use.

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