how to strap tires on a tow dolly

how to strap tires on a tow dolly

Tow dollies are used to transport vehicles of all sizes, from cars to SUVs, over long distances. To ensure the safety and security of your vehicle during transport, it is important to properly secure the vehicle to the tow dolly with straps.

Before you start strapping your vehicle, make sure both the tow dolly and the vehicle are securely positioned on a flat, smooth surface. To secure the vehicle, the strap should be attached to the front and rear of the vehicle. For larger vehicles, like SUVs, a wheel kit may be needed to raise the vehicle and place it on the tow dolly deck.

When using straps to secure your vehicle, it’s important to have the proper equipment. You’ll need at least two straps to secure the vehicle. The straps should be the right length and width to fit the wheel size of your vehicle. Tow dollies typically come with adjustable straps, but if you need extra length you should purchase longer straps.

Once you have the right strap equipment, you can begin strapping your vehicle. Place the strap on the wheel and secure it to the tow dolly frame. Pull the strap tight and secure it as tightly as possible. Make sure the strap is attached to the frame securely, with no slack or exposed webbing. Once the strap is secured, you can move on to the next wheel. Repeat the same steps until all four wheels are secure to the tow dolly.

As an extra measure of security, you can also use wheel chocks to help secure the vehicle to the tow dolly. Wheel chocks are pieces of rubber or steel placed in front of or behind the vehicle tires. The wheel chocks help create a firm grip between the wheel and the wheel chock, which improves the overall stability of the vehicle. This is especially helpful when transporting bigger vehicles.

To ensure that the vehicle is properly secured, inspect all straps, chocks and other hardware before each trip. If any of the straps or hardware appear worn or oken, then replace them before loading the vehicle. The last thing you want is for the vehicle or tow dolly to come loose while on the road.

Using straps to secure your vehicle to a tow dolly is an easy way to transport your vehicle over long distances. Following the steps outlined here will help you ensure that the vehicle is properly secured to the tow dolly and will help you get to your destination safely. Be sure to inspect all straps, chocks and other hardware before each trip to make sure they are in good condition and working properly. Once the vehicle is secure, you can enjoy a worry-free trip.

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