how to strap down a car on a tow dolly

how to strap down a car on a tow dolly

Strap-down Towing with Tow Dollies Crashing a car is an expensive affair, but strapping down a car on a tow dolly isn’t. Using a tow dolly makes it simple and convenient to move a car, usually with less effort and time than a standard flatbed tow truck. A tow dolly is a two-wheel platform with a bed for the vehicle and a system of two straps for securing it for transport. With that said, knowing how to strap down a car on a tow dolly is an essential tow skill.

What is a Tow Dolly? A tow dolly is a two-wheel trailer, usually resembling a cart, which has two cross beams for the vehicle to sit on. The cross beams support the weight of the car and offer enough space to allow for the pulling vehicle to remain in front and prevent air drag from all directions. A tow dolly, unlike a flatbed tow truck, is secured to the towing vehicle by a tow bar, chains, or cables. The dolly must be properly secured in order for a safe, successful transport.

Safety Precautions Before you begin utilizing the tow dolly, you ought to check all the bearings and axles for wear and tear, as well as all lights, wiring, and tires. Avoid using a tow dolly if you’re unable to properly inspect it before use, as an old or worn-out dolly could cause an accident. Additionally, make sure that you’re following the correct road safety laws for towing and that the car you’re towing is properly secured and the emergency ake is engaged.

Steps for Strapping Down the Car Now that you understand the importance of safety precautions and have a tow dolly ready for use, here are the steps for properly strapping down a car on the tow dolly.

Step 1: Approach Your Vehicle To begin, face the vehicle you’re going to tow and position the tow dolly in front of it. Then, firmly press down the parking ake and engage the emergency eak of the vehicle.

Step 2: Place and Secure the Tow Bar The tow bar must be inserted into the coupler of the tow dolly. Then, use at least a 5/8-inch bolt to secure the tow bar in place, so it does not detach from the tow dolly and cause an accident.

Step 3: Secure the Rear Wheels To the secure the rear wheels, use a set of two straps in the front and two straps in the back for each wheel. Make sure that the straps are secure and do not slip off once the vehicle is loaded. Also, ensure that all wheels are in the center of each strap, which will help keep the car balanced while transporting.

Step 4: Load the Vehicle Onto the Tow Dolly Carefully drive the car onto the tow dolly. Avoid sudden accelerating movements, as this can cause the vehicle to tip off the dolly. Once the vehicle is securely loaded, press the parking ake and apply the emergency eak.

Step 5: Secure the Vehicle It is important to utilize four more straps in order to make sure the car is secure and will not tip during the transport. Start by utilizing one strap on either side of the car and working diagonally to the rear. Tighten both straps and make sure that neither is too loose or too tight.

Then, utilize two straps on the front ends of the car, starting from the opposite side of the tow bar and fastening them over the vehicle’s hood. Make sure to make all straps tight as much as necessary. Feel free to repeat this process multiple times until you are sure that the car is secure and will stay in place during the tow.

Step 6: Sight-Check Once you have finished strapping down the car, do a last look overnot to ensure that the car is secure and that you’ve successfully completed the strapping process.

Conclusion Now that you have been provided with the steps for how to strap down a car onto a tow dolly, you should feel confident and reassured when transporting your vehicle. Remember to check the tow dolly and all necessary safety precautions before towing and make sure to properly apply all straps and adjust them as needed. With that said, you can now have the peace of mind that your car will stay secure during the tow.

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