how to release a tow strap

how to release a tow strap

How to Release a Tow Strap Tow straps are used primarily to pull vehicles when one of them has become stuck or immobile. While the common conception might be that the strap is relatively easy to disengage, if it is not done properly then it can cause some serious issues. Therefore, knowing how to properly release a tow strap is an important knowledge which anyone who works with towing should understand. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to release a tow strap safely as well as some tips so that the strap can be used in a more efficient manner.

The Basics The first step in releasing a tow strap is to lower the tension. This is done by placing both hands on the strap and pulling gently. Once the tension has been reduced enough, the tension lock should work.

To release the lock, simply grab the two ends of the strap and pull them away from each other to unclip them. Do not pull too hard or too much so as not to damage the metal clips in the process of releasing the tow strap.

Once the tow strap has been released from the tension lock, the strap should be untied. Use the same technique that was used when the strap was secured. Grab the two ends of the strap and untie them by alternating pulling each side. When untying the strap, be sure to keep the two ends even and do not allow one end to go slack.

Inspect the Strap The next step is to inspect the tow strap. Inspect the strap for any pinched or frayed fibers as well as any weak spots, damage or dirt accumulation.

If any of these signs are present, the strap should be replaced as it is unsafe to use a damaged strap. Additionally, be sure to check for any damage to the clip or buckle that the strap has been attached to in order to ensure that it is safe for further use.

Finishing Up Once the inspection is complete and all damages are addressed, the tow strap can be put away for later use. Do not use bailing wire or zip ties to secure the tow strap as these can damage the faic and may cause the strap to fail or slip during towing.

Instead, opt for a storage container that is specifically made for storing tow straps. If one is not available, then use a large bag to store the strap. Make sure that there is no excess tension on the strap when it is stored and that the two ends of the strap are tied together securely.

Also, it is important to not store a strap in direct sunlight as this can weaken the faic over time. If a strap must be stored in direct sunlight, then it should be stored in a ventilated area to help preserve its strength and longevity.

Safety Tips Towing is a risky endeavor, as an improperly secured tow strap can lead to serious accidents. That is why it is important to make sure that all safety steps have been followed when releasing and storing a tow strap.

When releasing the tow strap, make sure that the tension has been reduced enough before attempting to unclip it. If the tension is too great, it can cause the tension lock to fail or cause injury to personnel.

Additionally, make sure that the strap is always inspected for any wear and tear after each use. Replacing worn straps is far cheaper than having to pay for any medical expenses that often come about as a result of using an unsafe strap.

Finally, always use the right type of tow strap for the job. Although there are many different types of tow straps available, generally speaking, 4”-8” straps are best used for vehicles while larger straps are used for heavier towing tasks. Make sure that the tow strap being used is rated for the specific task at hand in order to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

Conclusion Knowing how to properly release a tow strap is an important knowledge for anyone who works with towing. The steps outlined in this article can help anyone understand how to release a tow strap safely and efficiently as well as provide some helpful safety tips. Keep in mind that tow straps are an invaluable asset when it comes to towing and their safety should always be taken into account. Taking these steps is the only way to ensure that the tow strap is used in a safe and efficient manner.

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