how to put tow strap on car

how to put tow strap on car

How to Put a Tow Strap on a Car

When it comes to moving a car or other vehicle, the most viable and effective way to do it is to attach a tow strap to the car and use it to pull it. Tow straps provide a safe, secure form of towing that can be used to move a vehicle – especially when the car isn’t able to be driven. In this article, we’ll discuss how to properly attach a tow strap to a car as well as the necessary safety steps that should always be taken when towing a vehicle.

What is a Tow Strap?

A tow strap is essentially any length of thick durable nylon webbing that has a loop on either end. Tow straps are designed to be used for towing applications, such as moving cars and other vehicles. They provide a safe, secure form of towing that doesn’t require any special equipment.

Safety Steps

Before attaching a tow strap to a car, it is important to take certain safety steps in order to ensure the safety of the car being towed and anyone involved in the process.

1. Make sure the car being towed is in a safe position

Before attaching a tow strap to a car, always make sure the car is in a safe and secure position. This means the car must have its akes firmly engaged and have a secure connection to the ground, such as being on level ground and with the wheels firmly on the ground. This will help reduce the risk of the car being towed moving unexpectedly or rolling away.

2. Use safety equipment

When attaching a tow strap to a car, it is important to use safety equipment such as helmets, safety goggles, and gloves. This equipment is designed to protect the person attaching the tow strap from any potential deis or sparks that may be caused by attaching the tow strap. Always ensure that everyone involved in the towing process is wearing the necessary safety equipment.

3. Inspect the tow strap

Inspect the tow strap before attaching it to the car to ensure it is in good condition, undamaged and not frayed or torn. Ensure that it has no visible signs of wear or age. The tow strap should also be securely connected together. When in doubt, replace the tow strap with a new one.

4. Use the proper technique

The way the tow strap is attached to the car makes a big difference in its effectiveness. Be sure to attach the tow strap to the frame of the car, never to any body panel, and make sure it is securely fastened so it can’t come loose or come apart during towing.

Instructions for Attaching a Tow Strap

1. Place the car on level ground and firmly engage the akes before attaching the tow strap.

2. Inspect the tow strap for any signs of wear or tear.

3. Place the tow strap around the frame of the car and make sure the looped portion of the tow strap is on the inside.

4. Secure the tow strap by wrapping it around the frame of the car or other secure part of the car (such as a axle or chassis mounting) at least 3 times.

5. Make sure the tow strap is secure and cannot be pulled loose or come apart.

6. Use the tow strap loop to attach the tow bar or tow line.

7. Make sure the tow bar or tow line is securely attached to the car and make sure no part of it is touching the ground.

8. Before starting the towing process, test the connection between the tow strap and the tow bar or tow line to make sure it is secure.

9. Double-check the tow strap connection once more to make sure it is still secure.

10. Have any necessary personnel wear safety gear such as helmets and gloves.

11. Slowly start towing the car and watch for any signs of slippage or coming loose of the tow strap connection. If the tow strap comes loose or slips, stop towing immediately and re-attach the tow strap to the car.

12. Once the car is in the desired location, slowly and carefully turn off the towing vehicle, un-attach the tow strap, and slowly disengage the akes on the car being towed.

13. Place the car securely in its new location and store the tow strap safely away.


Towing a car using a tow strap is a simple way to move a vehicle, but it is important to always follow the proper technique and safety steps when towing a car with a tow strap. By following the steps outlined above, the car being towed can be moved safely and securely.

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