how to pull a vehicle with a tow strap

how to pull a vehicle with a tow strap

Introduction Towing vehicles is a common practice for many people for a variety of reasons such as when an accident occurs on the side of the road or when a vehicle needs to be removed from a parking lot or property. In some instances, a tow truck may be used to pull the vehicle, however, this may be expensive or difficult to locate in some remote areas. In these cases, towing with a tow strap can be a more cost-effective solution. Tow straps are designed to provide a secure and reliable method of towing a vehicle, however, they require appropriate precautions and knowledge of how to use them properly. This article will explain how to safely tow a vehicle with a tow strap.

What is a Tow Strap?

A tow strap is a flat length of webbing with loops at either end and typically made from synthetic materials for strength and durability. The strap has a higher tensile strength than towing chains, but is much lighter in weight. Tow straps are normally 2 to 3 inches wide and come in a variety of lengths to accommodate different vehicles. It’s important when choosing a tow strap to choose one that will provide the necessary strength for the type and size of vehicle you are towing.

Safety Precautions

Before towing a vehicle with a tow strap, there are certain steps that must be taken to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Both drivers should wear their seat belts, use appropriate signals when changing lanes, and keep a safe distance at all times. The towing vehicle should be in good condition with correctly inflated tires, and it is best to avoid towing in wet or icy conditions. Additional safety precautions include:

1. Check the tow strap before towing.

Make sure the tow strap has no damage, such as fraying or exposed metal stitching, and all connections are secure. Damaged or frayed tow straps should be replaced with a new one.

2. Check all connections

Ensure all connections, such as loops and hooks, are secure and that all load stress is evenly distributed across all connections.

3. Secure the tow strap properly

Ensure the two loops at either end of the strap are securely connected to a trailer or tow bar. It is recommended to use a special attachment plate that fits over the tow bar to ensure the loops are attached securely.

4. Use a safety flag

A safety flag should be placed on the back of the towed vehicle to alert other motorists that a vehicle is being towed. This prevents other drivers from misjudging distances and passing too closely.

5. Drive slowly

When towing with a strap, both vehicles must travel at a slow speed, no more than 40 km per hour. The slower speed ensures that the vehicles remain connected, reducing the risk of the strap coming detached.

6. Check all connections frequently

During the journey, the driver of the towing vehicle should periodically check all connections to ensure the strap is secure. The driver should also be aware of any signs of stress or wear on the strap.

7. Discontinue towing in extreme weather

Towing in severe weather conditions such as heavy rain or strong winds can put strain on the tow strap, so it is best to discontinue towing until the conditions improve.


Towing a vehicle with a tow strap is a cost-effective way of safely transferring a vehicle, however, it is important to be familiar with safety guidelines and instructions before beginning the job. By following the safety tips and instructions outlined in this article, you can be sure that you are towing safely and responsibly.

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