how to install a tow strap

how to install a tow strap


Tow straps are an essential tool for any vehicle owner. They can be used to transfer the weight of a vehicle from a dangerous or difficult terrain to smooth ground, move a vehicle from a stuck situation such as mud, sand, or snow, and erase any sort of distance gap between two cars. In short, tow straps are way more useful than many would initially think, and installing and using them properly is an important skill for anyone who drives a car.

Why Do You Need to Install a Tow Strap?

Installing a tow strap is an important part of vehicle safety. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to tow another vehicle, the first thing you'll need to do is install the tow strap between both cars. This is necessary in order to transfer the weight of the towed car to the towing car, and makes the whole process much safer than other methods of tugging, such as using a rope or cable.

Additionally, you want to make sure that the tow strap is properly secured and can withstand the strain of being used. If the tow strap is not installed properly, it could eak in the middle of a rescue, leading to an even more serious situation.

Installing a Tow Strap

Installing a tow strap isn't difficult, but it does require attention to details and a certain level of preparedness. Here's what you should look for when installing a tow strap:

1. Inspect the Tow Strap for Wear and Tear: Before installing any tow strap, it's important to first inspect it for any wear and tear that might have compromised its strength or integrity. Look for cuts, fraying, or any other signs of damage that might indicate that the tow strap cannot be used safely.

2. Choose the Right Placement: Choose the right placement for the tow strap, making sure that its middle section is low to the ground in order to reduce strain.

3. Fasten the Hooks: Fasten the hooks on the two ends of the tow strap to the recovery eyelets on the towing and the towed vehicle. It's important that they are not placed too close to each other, as this could cause them to be pulled together, which in turn could lead to tearing of the tow strap.

4. Secure the Tow Strap: Once the hooks are in place, you want to secure the tow strap by either wrapping it around itself a few times or by fastening it with a ratchet strap. If you opt for the ratchet strap method, make sure to wrap it around the tow strap away from both hooks, as having the ratchet too close to the hooks could damage the tow strap.


Installing a tow strap is an important skill to have when driving any sort of vehicle, especially off-road vehicles. Following these instructions should ensure that the tow strap is installed correctly, leading to a safer experience for both you and the vehicle you are towing or being towed. Make sure to inspect the tow strap for wear and tear before every use, and remember to disconnect the tow strap when no longer in use.

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