how to hook up tow straps to a car

how to hook up tow straps to a car


Tow straps are a great way to get a car out of a sticky situation — whether you’re stuck in the snow, mud, sand, or facing a long uphill climb. But how do you go about connecting your tow straps correctly and safely?

Tow straps generally include two loops at each end, which you’ll need to connect to your car. The important thing to remember is that you must ensure the backup safety components are securely connected with the tow straps, and that both cars are on level ground, and facing each other.

Let’s take a look at the steps for connecting tow straps and the key safety elements to keep in mind.

Step 1: Prepare the vehicles

First, you must prepare both vehicles for the road ahead and make sure that both cars are on level ground. This will make the connection of the tow straps easier and prevent any one car from taking the unt of the strain.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that both cars have adequate traction to get over the terrain. This might mean having one or both cars fitted with a set of traction boards, or perhaps fitting a set of chains to one or both cars.

Step 2: Connect the tow straps

Now it’s time to connect the two straps. Start by having one of the straps looped over the 4-bar post or the tow hitch of the car that is doing the towing. This should be done in such a way that the strap is attached to the car in such a way that it can’t move. Use a winch if necessary.

Likewise, loop the other strap over the tow bar of the car being towed, ensuring that it’s securely connected.

Step 3: Secure the backup safety components

It’s highly recommended that a backup safety component is used in conjunction with the tow straps, in order to provide extra security and stability during the towing process.

This could be a simple tow chain, or a more complex safety system such as a winch or even a tow dolly. Whichever system you decide to use, it should be properly secured to the vehicle being towed. This will provide extra stability for the towing process and will help to prevent any potential accidents.

Step 4: Check the connection

Once you’ve secured the two straps and the backup safety components, it’s time to do one final check of the connection. This means double checking that both straps and the safety components are connected securely and that there are no faults or gaps in the setup.

It’s also a good idea to check the tension of the straps. You don’t want them to be too slack, otherwise they won’t provide enough support during the journey.

Finally, ensure that the driver of the towing vehicle is sitting in their seat with the seat belt securely fastened, and that the engine has been started.


Connecting tow straps and securing backup safety components is a simple but important process. It’s essential to make sure that the connection is secure, that the tension is correct, and that both cars are on level ground. Following these steps will make towing safer and more secure, and help to ensure that you and your car make it safely to wherever it is you’re going.

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