how to hook a tow strap to a car

how to hook a tow strap to a car


Hooking up a tow strap to a car can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. You’re stuck with a long strap, some car parts and a whole lot of questions. Before you throw your hands up and give up, take a deep eath and relax. We’re here to help and make sure that you enjoy your time towing your vehicle. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to confidently and safely attach a tow strap or rope to your car.

Hooking Up the Tow Strap

Before you even attempt to hook up a tow strap on your car, it’s essential to understand what a proper tow strap is. The strap is usually a synthetic fiber material that’s rated for towing, as it’s designed to handle a good amount of force without eaking. Before you purchase your tow strap, make sure to research the available options.Double check what type of car you have since some vehicles require different types of tow straps.

1. Preparing the Tow Strap

If you’re going to be towing your car, the first thing you need to do is prepare the tow strap. Depending on the type of tow strap you’re using, some prep work may include:

i. Inspecting for Wear and Tear - The first thing to do is to check the strap for any damages. Inspect it for any rips, tears, or worn-out fibers.

ii. Wiping Off Any Grime - To ensure a clean connection, wipe off any dirt or grime from the to strap.

iii. Adding Loops to the Straps - Some tow straps will not come with loops. If your tow strap does not come with loops, then you need to add them by simply looping a piece of the strap over itself and then tying a knot. This is important as it helps with attaching the strap to the car.

2. Connecting the Tow Strap

After you’ve prepared the tow strap and checked the vehicle, you can start with the connection. To do this, you will need to:

i. Find the Towing Eyes - The next step is to locate the towing eyes of the car. Most modern cars come with tow points, but if yours doesn’t you can buy aftermarket ones. The tow point needs to be in a secure area of the car, so look for the manufacturer’s instructions on where to attach the tow strap.

ii. Feed the Strap through the Tow Eye - With the tow points located, you can start to feed the strap through the tow eye and make sure that it’s securely tied.

iii. Tighten the Strap - The last step is to ensure that the strap is firmly tied to the tow eye. Tighten up the strap until it’s snug.

Safety Tips

When towing a car with a tow strap, there are some safety tips to take into consideration:

i. Don’t Tow Excessive Weights - A tow strap is only designed to pull a certain amount of weight, so do not exceed its capacity.

ii. Check Your Driving Conditions - Be sure to check the road and driving conditions before towing a car. This will help you avoid any potential hazards and make the experience smoother.

iii. Make Sure the Strap Is Attached Securely - You should double-check to make sure that the tow strap is properly attached and secure before you begin towing.

iv. Don’t Tow Too Fast - It’s important to not drive too quickly when using a tow strap. This will help ensure that neither vehicle crashes.


Towing a car with a tow strap can be daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. If you remember to use the proper preparation, such as inspecting the tow strap, checking the vehicle's towing points and ensuring the strap is securely attached, you can tow your vehicle with confidence. Furthermore, understanding and following the safety tips throughout the towing process will help ensure that you and your car are safe and that the tow strap does not eak or cause an accident.

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