how to connect tow straps

how to connect tow straps

Introduction Connecting tow straps is a great way to help out friends or family when their car is stuck in a ditch, stuck in mud, or needs a quick jump start. Being able to safely and securely connect two vehicles is an incredibly important and underrated skill. This article will explain the basics steps to properly and safely connect two vehicles with a tow strap.

Choosing the Correct Tow Strap The first step in connecting tow straps is choosing the correct type of tow strap for the job at hand. Depending on the situation, two types of tow straps are commonly used: hook and loop straps and straps with D-rings. Hook and loop straps are used for lighter-duty operations and do not require a hook to be connected to one of the vehicles. D-ring straps are designed for more strenuous output and need to be connected to one of the vehicles. Before making the decision, consider what the tow job calls for.

Inspecting the Tow Strap Once you have selected the right type of tow strap for the job, the next step is to inspect it. Make sure that the tow strap is in good condition with no frayed or oken strands. If the tow strap appears to be worn or damaged, do not use it.

Connecting Hook and Loop Straps Start by connecting the hook and loop straps to the hitch receivers on the two vehicles. Loop the hook part of the strap through the receiver on one vehicle, then loop the loop part of the strap through the receiver of the other vehicle. It is important to make sure that the hooks are facing downwards so that the two vehicles are securely connected.

Once the hook and loop portions are connected, use ratchet straps to secure the connection. First, thread the ratchet strap through both hooks on the hook and loop straps. Then, ratchet down the strap until it is tight. This will ensure that the connection between the two vehicles is secure.

Connecting D-Ring Straps For D-ring straps, you will need to connect the D-ring portion of the strap to one vehicle’s bumper. This can be done by using a shackle or other securing device. Once the D-ring is securely connected, the rest of the process is the same as with the hook and loop straps. Thread the ratchet straps through the hooks, then ratchet them down until they are tight.

Securing the Strap Once the tow strap is securely connected, it is important to secure it to the vehicles. This will ensure that the tow goes smoothly and that the strap does not come loose during the process. Using tow straps with loops or cleats can be helpful. Pass the loose end of the strap through the loop or cleat, then tie a knot to secure it in place. This will keep the tow strap secure and in place when towing.

Conclusion Connecting tow straps properly and securely can be the difference between a successful tow and a tow-gone-wrong. By following the outlined steps, you can ensure that the tow strap is properly connected, secure, and ready to be used. With these steps in mind, connecting tow straps can be done with confidence and ease.

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