how to attach a tow strap without hooks

how to attach a tow strap without hooks

Introduction Tow straps are a common tool used in auto repair, vehicle recovery, and many other tasks. They enable two vehicles, or two pieces of equipment, to be connected by a strap or rope, and then tugged at with great force. While towing straps usually feature hooks on each end to make attachment and disconnection easier, sometimes, for various reasons, the use of hooks may be impractical or not feasible. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to attach a tow strap without hooks.

Understanding Knots In order to understand how a tow strap without hooks can be attached and used, it is important to first understand the basics of knots and their uses. Knots generally informally refer to any loops that connect two ends of a material. In terms of nautical use, they generally fall into one of four categories: bends, hitches, binding knots, and splices. When using knots to attach a tow strap, they should be strong, and not slip or come undone under tension.

Bends are excellent for putting a tow strap around an object to secure it in place. The Sheet Bend is among the most useful of these, being secure, easily adjustable and adjustable in size. It is formed with two separate threads and joins them by taking one end, folding it around the other, and finishing by going underneath and pulling tight.

Hitches, sometimes called Loop-Knots, are an important tool when joining two pieces of nylon material safely. The Double Half-Hitch is often used in this case, consisting of a loop placed in the middle of the tow strap, which is then looped around the object the strap is being attached to. It is strong, reliable and has the added advantage of being adjustable.

Finally, we have splices and binding knots. Splices are a way of joining two ends together without compromising their strength, and consist of interweaving the rope so that the original length is kept. One of the most reliable is the fisherman’s splice, which is typically done with the ends at opposite ends of the tow strap, then a loop running the length of the strap is created, and the ends are then woven through this loop.

Binding knots are more general, and used to tie a line tightly around something (or to another line). The clinch knot is the most common, and is finished off with a figure 8 knot loop.

Connecting a Tow Strap Without Hooks

Once the basics of knots are understood, actual connection of the tow strap with another item can begin. There are a few ways this can be done; here are some of the most common methods:

1. Using a figure eight knot: Figure eight knots are the most basic way to attach tow strap to other items. After taking the end of the rope and tying a figure eight knot, wrap it around the item the strap is being connected to. To finish it off, thread the free end of the rope back through the loops and tighten. This will keep the tow strap secure but also easy to disconnect when necessary.

2. Using a bowline knot: The bowline knot is one of the strongest knot types and is good for attaching a tow strap without hooks. Begin by taking the end of the rope, forming a loop, and tucking the running end around and through the loop. Wrap the loop over the item the tow strap is being connected to and then thread the running end through the same loop one final time. This knot is very secure and adjustable.

3. Using a clove hitch knot: The clove hitch knot is among the simplest and most reliable way of attaching a tow strap without hooks. Start by looping the rope over the item the strap is being attached to, then take the end and loop it up and over the top again. Finally, ing it down and tuck the running end in the same loop. This knot is very secure, easy to adjust and will not slip even under great force.


Attaching a tow strap without hooks is something that can be done, however, it should be done correctly in order to ensure a secure connection and avoiding any potential hazards. There are a variety of different knots that can be used to achieve this, some of the most common being the bowline knot, clove hitch knot, and the figure eight knot. All of these knots are securely and easily adjustable, allowing for a safe tow option that does not involve the use of hooks.

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