highland tow strap

highland tow strap

Highland Tow Straps: Taking the Stress Out of Towing Highland tow straps are revolutionizing the towing industry. These tow straps have revolutionized the way tow trucks work in extreme cases of emergency towing or when a vehicle needs to be quickly loaded onto a trailer. Generally, a tow strap is a piece of heavy-duty webbing used in towing cars and other vehicles. Highland tow straps are different in that they are specifically designed to be incredibly strong and reliable in order to provide greater safety and convenience.

Highland tow straps are made with a combination of nylon and polyester material and reinforced with double-ply material for additional strength. The straps are designed to be slack-resistant and hold up to a combined weight of up to three tonnes. They also feature an anti-fraying coating to prevent the strap from fraying or becoming damaged during use. This coating also helps the straps hold up to constant flexing and stresses.

These tow straps are extremely convenient to use. Rather than using a traditional tow rope or a winch, they can easily be attached to a vehicle or pulled with a tow truck without the hassle of attaching extra equipment. The straps come with integrated loop straps as well as velcro straps, both of which make connecting and disconnecting the strap more convenient. The straps can also be used to tie down an object or a load onto a trailer, making them even more versatile.

Highland tow straps also come in several different types, each designed to meet different needs. The static straps are designed for lighter loads and are best suited for tows that occur less frequently. The wheel retaining straps are designed to be stronger and are better suited for tows that occur more often. The winch straps are designed for more extreme tows and can hold up to a maximum of three tonnes.

In addition to the straps themselves, Highland provides several other accessories to make your towing experience easier and safer. They make wheel chocks, wheel clamps, and wheel covers to provide your vehicle with extra protection while being towed. You can also purchase a wheel clamp accessory that allows you to quickly and securely attach your tow strap to the vehicle in a matter of seconds.

Whether you’re a professional tow truck driver or just someone looking for a reliable way to transport their vehicle, Highland tow straps are your best choice. Not only are they highly reliable, but they are also incredibly easy to use. The variety of different types of straps allows you to find the perfect one for your exact needs, and the accessories make towing a eeze. So if you’re looking for a way to take the stress out of towing, look no further than Highland tow straps.

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