12 tow strap

12 tow strap


Though an essential piece of every driver’s car toolkit, few motorists understand the real purpose of a tow strap. Many assume that the strap serves only to tow a vehicle when it eaks down but the reality is that a tow strap has many more uses than just that. In this article we’ll share the many ways in which the humble tow strap is an invaluable piece of equipment.

The most widespread use for a tow strap is for towing vehicles, of course. Typically, a person will use a tow strap to connect the end of a stuck car to the front of a tow truck or another vehicle, creating a loop in the strap, to pull it out. It’s important to be aware of the strength of the tow strap being used. As the strap is liable to stretch and even snap under high tension, it’s important to use a strap with a good eaking load, usually indicated on its label or warning signs.

Beyond that, there are myriad other uses for a tow strap. Off-roaders use tow straps as a type of winch to pull their vehicle out of mud or snowdrifts that they have become stuck in. By looping the strap around a tree, it can be attached to the axle or bumper of the stuck car, creating tension and allowing the vehicle to be tugged away. Some off-roaders also use tow straps to create makeshift idges across streams, streams and other obstacles.

Tow straps can also be useful for moving heavy items. Many professionals use tow straps for this purpose, connecting one end to the item to be moved and the other to a smaller, easier-to-maneuver vehicle for weaving the item into place. For people moving house, a tow strap can be used to move refrigerators, heavy TVs, couches, mattresses and anything else too difficult to move by hand.

In a pinch, a tow strap can also be used as a clothes line! By looping it between two trees or other posts, draping the clothing over the middle and then tying the ends of the strap securely, you can create a makeshift washing line.

A tow strap is also very useful in the event of a motor vehicle accident, with many tow truck companies keeping some on board. Rather than removing a vehicle from the scene, with the care and caution required, a tow strap can instead be used to move the vehicle and clear the way.

Whatever its use, a tow strap is an invaluable tool for any motorist or DIY enthusiast and the many varied uses of a tow strap cannot be underestimated. In any event, from accident rescue to winching your car out of the mud, the humble tow strap offers an effective solution, making it a key and crucial part of any car repair kit.

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