heavy duty tow straps with hooks

heavy duty tow straps with hooks

Heavy-duty tow straps have been a reliable and helpful automotive accessory for many years. They allow drivers to easily move a vehicle, whether it’s stuck in a ditch or otherwise immobile, without having to resort to complex winching devices. While the basic principles behind tow straps are simple—which is why they’ve been around for so long—it’s important to note that not all tow straps are created equal. Depending on the size and weight of the vehicle being towed and the distance it needs to be pulled, different grades of tow straps may be best suited for the job.

Tow straps are designed to stretch when tension is applied in order to absorb some of the strain placed on the vehicle being towed. This is why they come with different ratings. Light-duty tow straps, usually with a rating of 1,500–2,500 lbs, are best suited for towing smaller vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, and small boats. Hauling medium-duty loads such as larger cars, pickups, or light-duty trailers requires a tow strap rated for 3,500–5,000 lbs. For really heavy loads, such as small RV trailers and larger boats, a heavy-duty tow strap with a rating of 6,000–10,000 lbs is best.

The attachment points on a tow strap are nearly as important as the strap itself. A standard tow strap usually comes with hooks on either end, to attach to mounting points on the vehicle being towed and the tow vehicle. Some straps may also feature loops at the ends, which can be secured with either carabiners or heavy-duty nuts and bolts. Be sure to check that the attachment hardware is rated for at least as much as the tow strap itself so that nothing gives way when it’s time to pull.

The weight capacity isn’t the only crucial factor when it comes to selecting the best tow strap for the job. Material is another important consideration. Polyester tow straps work well for most general-purpose towing jobs, but nylon straps are becoming increasingly popular for heavier applications. Nylon is generally stronger than polyester for heavier loads, but is much less vulnerable to ultraviolet fading or aasion caused by rocks and other road deis.

Finally, when choosing a tow strap, be sure to factor in the length. In most cases, the best option is a strap between 8 and 14 feet in length. This is long enough to provide some “give” while the vehicle is being towed, yet short enough to keep the line taut and reduce stretching.

No matter what kind of load needs to be moved, a heavy-duty tow strap at the right rating, with the right attachment hardware, made of the right material, and the right length can make the job much easier and safer. When used properly, these incredibly useful devices can make the difference between being stuck in a sticky situation and being back on the road quickly.

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