12 ft tow strap

12 ft tow strap

When it comes to emergency road services, a 12-foot tow strap is an extremely important piece of equipment. Whether you’re in need of roadside assistance or stuck in bad terrain, the 12-foot tow strap–also known as a tow rope–will provide a sturdy, secure connection between two vehicles that often weighs in at a fraction of the cost of using a tow service. However, it’s essential that you use the right type of tow strap and employ correct safety practices to prevent dangerous or damaging situations.

Finding the Right Tow Strap

When shopping for a 12-foot tow strap, make sure that you’re purchasing a piece of equipment that’s specifically rated for the maximum towing capacity of your vehicle. Though there are many types of tow straps available, it’s important to select one that’s strong enough to be used safely. Generally, it’s best to find a strap that’s rated a bit higher than the maximum towing capacity of your vehicle, though you can always check with the manufacturer or a professional before making a purchase.

Using a 12-foot Tow Strap

Towing with a tow strap is a fairly simple process, but there are a few precautions to take before you begin. For example, if the area is unsafe or if the vehicles can’t both remain on flat ground, then a 12-foot tow strap should never be used. It’s also important that you ensure that the tow strap is properly secured to both vehicles, and this connection should be tested before you actually begin towing. If the straps are unable to handle the weight that’s being put on them, they may eak, which could potentially cause serious injury or property damage.

Securing a Tow Strap

Generally, a tow strap should only ever be used to pull a vehicle forward, which eliminates most of the risk of a connection separating and causing damage. One of the most important elements of correctly using a tow strap is ensuring that it’s properly secured to both vehicles. This is done using tow hooks attached to the frame of each vehicle, which should be checked to make sure that they’re not damaged before you attempt to connect them. It’s also important that the straps are long enough, so they don’t stretch too much while towing, and that they’re draped across the vehicles in such a way that they won’t pinch any of the moving parts.


Using a 12-foot tow strap can be an extremely useful and cost-effective way to pull a stuck vehicle out of a difficult accident or terrain situation. Just remember that it’s important to choose the right type of tow strap and follow proper safety practices while doing so. If you’re preparing to tow a vehicle, always make sure that the straps are properly secured and tested, and that your vehicle and the one being towed are both on flat ground. Whether you’re a hobbyist mechanic or just looking to help out a friend, a 12-foot tow strap is an important tool to have in any situation!

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