hd tow strap

hd tow strap


Tow straps often serve as a makeshift means to pull a vehicle out of a ditch, mudbank, sandbank, or other precarious situation. They are especially useful for individuals who do not have a winch, as the tow strap can be a less expensive way to move an immobilized vehicle. These tow straps often consist of a heavy-duty nylon body connected with sturdy hooks, usually made of steel, that can securely attach to a towed vehicle and a towing vehicle.

Although the concept is simple, tow straps feature a variety of details and components that can influence their performance. When purchasing a tow strap, shoppers should take a long look at various things like strap material, maximum capacity, hooks, and eye protection. This guide explains these and other critical factors that contribute to tow straps’ safety and effectiveness.

Before using a tow strap, buyers must first consider its capacity. Towing straps are available in a wide range of weights and lengths, the choice of which depends largely on the type of vehicle being towed. Generally speaking, straps with a lower towing capacity are sufficient for smaller towed vehicles such as ATVs, snowmobiles, and boats, while straps capable of towing heavier vehicles such as cars, trucks, and SUVs should have a higher capacity. Fortunately, there are many types of straps available that cater to all types of vehicles.

After examining the towing capacity of the strap, shoppers should also pay attention to the material used in its construction. Tow straps usually consist of a type of webbing—either synthetic or natural—which serves as the main body of the strap. For the most part, most straps are either made of heavy-duty nylon or polyester, the latter of which tends to be the material of choice in military, industrial, and commercial applications. Whichever type of material is chosen, buyers must ensure that the strap is rated to handle the desired load capacity.

Hooks are also integral components of a tow strap and they come in two main styles: loop and clevis. Loop hooks are typically used for recreational towing and feature a curved S shape that can fit into a hole drilled into the front or back of the towed vehicle. On the other hand, clevis hooks, due to their straight U shape and weldinged shank, are much better suited for heavier-duty towing duties. They are found mostly on trucks, SUVs, and large agricultural vehicles.

In addition to these features, shoppers should also consider the presence of protective sleeves or sheaths that can be found on some tow straps. These faic sleeves, sometimes constructed out of thick canvas, serve to protect the towed vehicle from any potential aasion caused by friction between the strap and the vehicle. While this is an optional feature, it is an important one nevertheless and can help to extend the life of the strap over time.

Last but not least, buyers should take a moment to examine the eye protection offered with their tow strap. Tow straps typically feature a web of loops at both ends and are protected by heat-treated steel ferules that keep the loops tightly knit while protecting against any accidental fraying or tearing. Some straps even come with double or triple-weave construction for added durability.

These are the main components that make up a tow strap, and each one of them should be taken into consideration before purchasing one. Those who are looking for the best possible tow strap should look for models made with the highest quality material, reputable hooks and eye protection, along with tow ratings that match the intended use of the strap. Safety should always be the first priority when selecting and using a tow strap, and with the right information, buyers can make sure that their next tow-strap purchase is of the highest quality and usability.

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