haul master tow strap

haul master tow strap

Towing has become a vital tool for automotive rescue work, and for those who are stranded or need help getting out of tight situations, reliable equipment is required. For these reasons, there is a plethora of tow straps, chains, and cables available for purchase, each one offering unique benefits. The Master Tow Strap is one such tool that anyone who finds themselves in need of towing assistance should consider.

The Master Tow Strap is a reliable choice for those who need a little extra help getting out of a situation. Manufactured and woven with polyester, a highly durable material, the strap is exceptionally strong, offering up to 8,000 pounds of working capacity. The strap is also able to endure continuous UV rays, making it ideal for outdoor purposes, and those who plan on having their tow strap in the back of the car for the occasional rescue operation can do so safely. The strap itself is lightweight, making it less cumbersome for storage, and it also has several reflective strips for warnings and visibility when visibility can be poor.

To make use of the tow strap, it is recommended that the strap is first attached to the towing vehicle in a secure manner. To do this, the metal hooks at either end of the tow strap should be attached to the tow aces of the vehicle, and the hooks threaded over the metal loops on the tow strap. To ensure it is held securely in place, a spanner should be used to firmly tighten the set of bolts at the attachment points.

When the tow strap is secured, it is ready to be used in the towing operation. To attach the strap to the vehicle in distress, the metal hooks of the tow strap should again be placed on the tow aces, and then should be tied in an ‘eight’ formation (rather than an ‘X’ formation) around the vehicle’s steering wheel, or the spare wheel or bumper. This is to prevent any damage caused by unintentional dragging of the tow strap, and to keep both the towing vehicle and the vehicle in distress secure.

When the tow strap is attached, it is time to begin towing the vehicle. To reduce the amount of damage inflicted on the towing vehicle and the vehicle in distress, the vehicles should remain close together, and should never be pulled more than 10 feet apart from each other. Additionally, the towing speed should not exceed 15 miles per hour and should be kept to a constant, steady pace. In some cases, such as when towing someone on a steep incline, the speed should be kept to a slower pace, and a second tow strap should be placed to add extra support, allowing the towing vehicle to be relieved of excessive strain.

When the towing operation is complete, the tow strap should be carefully removed and checked for any signs of damage. Additionally, the hooks should be checked to ensure they are firmly attached to the tow strap, and the bolts should be retightened if necessary. After each use, it is important to ensure proper storage of the tow strap and other towing equipment to keep them in working condition for the next use.

In conclusion, the Master Tow Strap is an excellent choice for those who may find themselves in need of assistance when it comes to towing. The strap is strong and reliable, able to support up to 8,000 pounds, and is highly durable, making it ideal for a range of towing operations. With the proper use of the tow strap, and appropriate storage once the operation is complete, users of this tow strap can enjoy the assurance that they are using a quality product that is sure to provide the assistance they need when they need it.

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