grip tow strap

grip tow strap


A tow strap is a useful piece of equipment for those who drive cars, trucks, utility vehicles, or any vehicles, for that matter. It is an indispensable tool for all sorts of roadside emergencies, from getting towed away to rescuing other vehicles that are stuck in a ditch or mud. The most common use for tow straps is for towing, as the name implies. But beyond its traditional use, it can also provide so much more practical utility such as gaining access to stuck off-road vehicles, rescuing vehicles from deep water, or towing a heavy load in the most extreme circumstances.

A good tow strap should be strong, reliable, and easy to use. It should be made of sturdy and weather-resistant material such as nylon or polyester, and it should have a tensile strength of at least 10,000 pounds. In addition, the straps should also be long enough so that it can be used in multiple vehicle towing scenarios. The best tow straps also feature a pay-out valve, a feature that works like a shock-absorber and allows the user to release tension gradually, preventing sudden jerks that can be dangerous for the vehicle being towed. The extra-grip feature of some straps also prevents vehicles from rolling back when being towed.

When buying a tow strap, it is important to consider the type of vehicles you are towing, their size and weight, and the distance over which you will be towing. Some straps are made for lighter-weight cars, while others are made for heavier vehicles such as SUVs or trucks. Additionally, there are also straps that are suited for long-distance towing, such as those with flat loop or rope handles for better pulling control.

Besides the strength of the strap, another important factor to consider when purchasing one is the design and quality of the materials used. Make sure that the straps are made of genuine, rust-resistant material, and that they are fully tested and certified by reputable organizations in the automotive industry such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), or Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

When in use, always make sure that the straps do not cross over each other, as this increases the chances of snapping during a pull. Also, check the lug nuts to ensure that they are properly tightened, as loose lug nuts can cause a tow strap to eak when in use.

When towing any vehicle, it is also important to remember to take safety precautions. Always slow down when using a tow strap and make sure that the vehicle being towed is in neutral gear, as this will help with the maneuverability of the tow. Take extra care when driving on wet or icy roads, as the vehicle being towed can slip and slide and cause an accident. Furthermore, keep an eye on the straps and make sure that they are not fraying, as sharp edges and strands of the tow strap can flutter and cause danger to other drivers. Finally, make sure that the tow straps are properly stored in a dry place when they are not being used.

In conclusion, a tow strap can be a very useful tool to have on hand in the event of roadside emergencies. It is important to buy a quality tow strap to ensure that you are prepared for any situation. Consider the type of vehicles you will be towing, their size and weight, and the distance you will be travelling. Always remember to take safety precautions when towing a vehicle and store the straps in a dry place when they are not being used. With the right tow strap, you can be rest assured that you’ll be ready for any emergency.

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