gearamerica recovery tow strap

gearamerica recovery tow strap


Recovery Tow Strap: What You Need to Know

Recovery tow straps are an essential tool for any off-roader or outdoor enthusiast. These straps are not only used for what is commonly known as a “tow”, but they have a variety of useful uses when it comes to recovering a vehicle from mud, sand, snow, and other off-road hazards. This article will discuss the basics of a recovery tow strap and how to use it to safely extricate a vehicle from a difficult situation.

What is a Recovery Tow Strap?

A recovery tow strap is a long length of heavy-duty web material secured to a metal or plastic ring. This type of strap is designed specifically for vehicle towing and recovery, and is not suitable for towing on public roads or highways as it doesn’t meet most state and federal towing regulations. The most common recovery tow strap models are rated between 8,000 and 30,000 lbs, and are often used when a more robust strap is needed for vehicles weighing more than 5,000 lbs.

How does a Recovery Tow Strap Work?

A recovery tow strap works much like a standard tow strap, with the primary difference being the material used and its tensile strength. The web material of a recovery tow strap is width, so that it can handle the additional stresses put on the strap during recovery. It also has the benefit of being lightweight and flexible, making it ideal for situations where a standard tow rope is too stiff or would be difficult to maneuver.

When using a recovery tow strap, it is essential to ensure that the strap is securely attached to both vehicles. Most recovery tow straps are also fitted with a cleat or loop at the end, making it easy to attach the strap to another vehicle or an anchor point. This is an important safety consideration when performing vehicle recovery, as the strap needs to be secure in order to prevent it from coming loose and causing further injury or damage.

When Should I Use a Recovery Tow Strap?

Recovery tow straps are primarily used for off-roading and other recreational activities. They are particularly useful for vehicles that have become stuck in mud, sand, snow, or other off-road hazards. It is important to understand the limitations of the recovery tow strap before attempting a recovery, as the strap can only be used to safely extricate a vehicle if you are able to secure it correctly.

It is also important to remember that recovery tow straps should never be used to replace oken safety chains or belts, as this can cause serious damage to both vehicles and increase the risk of injury.


Recovery tow straps are a valuable tool for off-roaders and outdoor enthusiasts. They can be an essential part of vehicle extrication, as they provide an added level of safety compared to standard tow ropes. However, it is important to understand how to properly use a recovery tow strap and be aware of its limitations before attempting a recovery. Taking the time to understand the basics of recovery towing can go a long way in keeping you safe and preventing unnecessary damage to your vehicle.

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