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ford tow strap



Though the use of tow straps is most often associated with heavy-duty applications involving towing large, bulky objects, such as cars, boats, and trailers, a tow strap from Nottingam, England is gaining worldwide attention as a dependable, functional and affordable solution for a variety of everyday activities. This unique and versatile product has seen an increase in sales on an international basis, with its main uses focused on towing, hauling, restraining, and even rescue operations. The Nottingham tow strap is a great product for anyone who needs a heavy-duty, reliable solution for towing or lifting without straining themselves or their vehicle. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the tow strap from Nottingham, England, its benefits, and why it has been gaining worldwide recognition.

Product Attributes

The Nottingham tow strap is made from industrial-grade polypropylene, giving it a strong yet lightweight and durable construction. Its round-shaped, 7” width allows for ample strap width to allow for maximum tensile strength. Additionally, the rope end is secured with a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant quick-release buckle for easy attachment and release. The tow strap is also designed to resist stretching, tearing, and wear and tear from everyday use.

The maximum capacity of the tow strap from Nottingham is 5,770 pounds (2,600 kg), which is more than enough for many common towing, hauling, and lifting applications. The strap also comes with a 3’ long, flexible draw rope with eyelet which allows for easy attachment to the tow system. The draw rope also offers a degree of accuracy and control when loading or unloading items.


The Nottingham tow strap provides users with a strong, dependable and affordable solution for towing, hauling, and lifting applications. It is perfect for those who need to haul large or high-weight items, yet experience minimal wear-and-tear. This strap distributes the load evenly, which makes it easier to transport a variety of materials safely.

In addition to its strength and reliability, the Nottingham tow strap is also lightweight and easily portable. This makes it an ideal solution for those who need a compact and reliable tow solution for different outings. The tow strap’s durable construction also makes it an ideal choice for emergencies and rescue operations, where a reliable and heavy-duty towing solution is essential.


The Nottingham tow strap is a unique and durable tow solution that is suitable for a variety of towing, hauling, lifting, and rescue operations. It is lightweight, durable, and offers users a heavy-duty solution without over-exerting themselves or their vehicle. The Nottingham tow strap is gaining recognition around the world for its strength, dependability, and affordability, and its versatility is making it an increasingly popular choice. For anyone needing a reliable, heavy-duty towing solution, the Nottingham tow strap from England is an ideal choice.

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